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How to Enable Cine Playback on an OEC 9800 C-Arm

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Depending on which type of OEC 9800 you've purchased, you may or may not have the option of enabling cine playback. Check the spec sheet below to see if your system has the option and at which frame rate your cine will play back.

 OEC 9800 Spec pic

OEC 9800 Specifications (click to enlarge)

Once you've determined your system's cine capabilities, enabling them is a very simple, three-step process. The photos below will guide you through.

1. Press the "Customize" button

Cine Playback Step 1

2. Press the "Workstation" button

Cine Playback Step 2

3. Press the cine playback checkbox

Cine Playback Step 3


That's it! With those three buttons, your 9800's cine capabilities are active and ready to serve.

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