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2 CT Scanner Partnerships Improving Patient Care

Posted by David Harns

Oct 14, 2013 5:00:00 PM

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CT PartnersIt is amazing how CT scanners can impact the lives of so many people. The imaging segment of the healthcare industry employs some advanced technology and achieves incredible results for patient care, but not without its own share of obstacles. Fortunately, there are people both inside and outside the industry working together to help this equipment offer care where it’s needed and in ways that make diagnosis and treatment easier for people.

Just today I came across two remarkable examples of partnerships that are enhancing the CT scanner experience in their communities.

Morgan Stanley Children’s Hospital of New York - Presbyterian

Medical testing can be especially difficult for children. Going from a play room at home or a colorful classroom at school to a cold, austere clinical environment can be scary for kids, no matter how brave they are.

The Morgan Stanley Children's Hospital decided to do something about this. When it came time to replace their CT scanner, the hospital chose to work with GE Healthcare to design the machine as a pirate ship and the room in which it was located as a pirate’s world. The children that are tested in this room have reason to smile in what can be very difficult times. 

Stanley Morgan Childrens CT 2 Morgan Stanley Childrens CT
 Photo credit: BuzzFeed/Macey J. Foronda


Cypress Regional Hospital, Swift Current, Saskatchewan

Cypress Regional just recently completed installation of a brand-new CT scanner. What’s amazing about this installation is that the late Roy Blanchard contributed $1.2 million to the project. An additional $143,544 in funding came from the Dr. Noble Irwin Regional Healthcare Foundation, for a combined endowment covering roughly 84% of the project’s total cost.

Roy Blanchard CTPhoto credit: The Southwest Booster

From this generosity, Cypress Regional was able to improve scan times and image quality for their patients by upgrading to a GE 64-slice CT scanner from an older 10-slice system. The new CT scanner has already produced over 800 scans in the four months it has been in use.

Congratulations to Morgan Stanley, Cypress Regional, and their partners on the success of these projects!

If your facility has an upcoming CT scanner project, don't forget to reference this site planning checklist or download our free CT Scanner Buyer’s Guide to get started. 

Written by David Harns

author of blog post

Topics: Medical Imaging News

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