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Considering a Used Hologic Selenia? Read this First

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If you're considering the purchase of a Hologic Selenia digital mammography unit, know that they come in a couple of varieties with some different capabilities. 

We recently had the chance to bid on the purchase of a Selenia. Details were thin, but it was still installed and scanning patients, so we were able to inspect it in action. This was a good thing too, as our engineer was able to determine that the machine was actually a rare, screening-only unit that is incapable of doing diagnostic studies.


As you shop for your Selenia, take note of the following to differentiate between a screening-only unit and a full diagnostic unit.


1)      Note the “S” (for "screening") at the end of the serial number. 

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2)      Notice on this screenshot the "Selenia-S" after "Acquisition Run Mode".

Selenia Acquisition Run


Hologic deployed a small percentage of screening-only units as an alternative for sites that only do screenings and refer patients that need more intensive diagnostic studies to other practices. As we said earlier, they are rare, but if this sounds like your facility, a Hologic Selenia screening unit could be an economical way to upgrade your existing equipment.

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