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Preparing for Your Bone Densitometer Installation

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In terms of medical imaging equipment, a bone densitometer is on the small end of the spectrum. But, while these systems don't require the months of preparation that can accompany a CT or MRI project, there are a series of steps that should be taken to save time, frustration, and money on the day your new bone densitometer arrives at your site. 

Note: Some of the steps below refer to how bone dense delivery and installation are handled by Block Imaging. Specific procedures may differ from vendor to vendor, but each point below is a best practice for a smooth and efficient installation.


  • Send your project manager (PM) drawings of your space to make sure it is sufficient for the bone dense you've selected.

  • Consult with an electrician to be certain your bone dense space has sufficient power for the bone dense you've selected.

  • Measure the width of all doorways between the point of entry and the exam room. If the width of your doorways is less than 32”, be sure to notify the PM in advance. Navigating narrow doorways is doable, but requires some additional preparation.

  • This step might seem like a given, but our installers have run into issues with it before: Make sure the room is clear and ready to accept the unit.

  • Our bone densitometers typically deliver first thing in the morning, between 8-9AM. Make sure to contact your PM with any scheduling conflicts that may affect morning delivery.

  • Hologic Calibration PhantomBoth the mechanical installation and calibration of the unit should be completed that day. Occasionally installation carries over into a 2nd day but this is not common.

  • Once the calibrations are complete our engineer will provide a basic 1-2 hour demonstration of system use. Please keep in mind this is NOT clinical applications training, but an overview of system software and usage. No CE credits are offered with this.

  • As these rooms are very small, a limited number of people can be trained at a time- usually no more than 3 or 4. If you have additional staff that will need a system briefing, be sure to arrange for someone to take detailed notes during the installer's presentation.

 See our bone densitometer transport process

The specifics of your situation may vary, but completing these eight steps before and on the day of your bone densitometer installation will help the process along without costly delays. If you're searching for bone densitometer equipment, installation, parts, or service, we have experts ready to help with all of the above. Contact us with your questions or check out our other free resources below.