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Siemens RFPA Failure? 4 Common Reasons Why and Solutions

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In the world of MRI, radio frequency power amplifier (RFPA) failure is a relatively common problem. An example is the Siemens E6 Dora (part #4753062), found on their Harmony and Symphony models. We’ve spoken with Dora specialists and learned the four most likely causes of failure. Coincidentally, we’ve also learned what you should do when your E6 Dora fails and the best thing you can do to help prevent Dora failure. Sit back and let us give you the low down

four causes of E6 Dora rfpa failure

R/F Output Section

The E6 Dora contains over 100 transistors. If these fail, the R/F output fails. Transistors can fail due to a number of factors including age, the condition of surrounding components, and the general stress of high output.

Power Supply Board

This component can fail for reasons similar to the transistor failure mentioned above. When this board fails, the RFPA has no current. 

Leakage in Heat Transfer Unit

If there is a leak in the heat transfer unit it can lead to corrosion on the line. Because of the high pressure in the line, corroded areas are prone to cracking.

Hoses and Couplings Damaged in Shipping

This happens when a parts supplier does not provide sufficient packaging for the RFPA. If you’re buying a new RFPA, be sure to inspect the hoses and couplings carefully when you first open the packaging. Damage can lead to leaking.

What Should I Do if My Dora Fails?

Unless you have a trained MRI engineer on staff, the best thing to do when your Dora fails is to call your preferred parts vendor and order a replacement. We’re sure you don’t find this suggestion surprising, coming from a parts vendor, but it’s absolutely true. Repairing an RFPA is a very involved and specialized process. If you do it wrong, you could find your system out of commission far longer than it needs to be. Block Imaging stocks E6 Dora RFPAs and can ship them same-day for overnight delivery to help minimize your downtime.

How Can I Keep My Dora from Failing?

Ultimately, there’s no one thing you can do that will guarantee your Dora will never fail. However, scheduling preventative maintenance (PM) checkups- we recommend them on a quarterly basis- is the next best thing. Not only will your Dora fare better, but the rest of your system will too. Most service providers include PMs as part of a full service agreement.

If you have more questions about E6 Doras, RFPAs in general, or other MRI parts, we’re ready to help you find the answers. Contact us with the button below to tell us what you need.

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