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C-Arm Image Storage and Transfer Options

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C-arms are imaging staples for a lot of facilities. They’re versatile, portable, and relatively easy to maintain. But, they’re not without their limitations, often in areas like image storage capacity and ease of image transfer from C-arm to network. If you have demanding workflow, competition for space, or are just looking for a bit more flexibility from your equipment, the devices below can be used with your C-arm to make storing and transferring your images simpler and more efficient.



describe the imageSome C-arm models (ex. OEC 9800) have DICOM capabilities built into them. For those that don’t, a DICOM box can convert images to a universal, transferable format and send them to a site’s network for storage and review.



A mini-PACS network transfers DICOM images to off-site storage. The images can be retrieved and reviewed/processed at remote workstations. For sites like pain management facilities that are using relatively few modalities, a mini-PACS network can be an extremely effective and efficient way to store and review images. 



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MediCapture devices offer image portability in a USB flash drive format. The MediCapture records images to a flash drive that can be plugged into a PC for viewing or post-processing. Depending on your needs, MediCapture devices are available for still images, video, and high-definition video.


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