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How to Diagnose X-Ray Switch Errors for OEC C-Arms

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When you see an error on your OEC 9600 or 9800 C-arm that reads “X-ray switch stuck” your gut reaction might be to employ the “Fonzie Fix” and start pounding on it like a furious gorilla. We ask that you suppress this urge and keep reading. There IS a better way.  

Your C-arm has three X-ray switches- one on the C-arm itself, the hand control, and your foot pedal. If you get a stuck switch error, don’t worry, you’re probably not hard down. It’s highly likely that only one of these is the problem. If your hand control or foot pedal is to blame, you can still get your scanning done with one of the two other options. Follow these simple steps to find out which is the culprit. 

STEP 1Onboard 9800 Switch

Power your system down


Unplug the hand control and foot pedal


Power the system back up 

If your “X-ray Switch Stuck” error is still coming up, your problem is likely in the C-arm itself and you’ll need to place a service call. If your error goes away, you know your onboard switch is okay. Continue with the next steps to finish your diagnosis.

STEP 4Control Ports

Power your system down again


Plug in your hand control


Power the system back up 


If the error returns, the problem is in your hand control and you’ll need to contact your service provider to order a new one. In the meantime, you can disconnect the hand control and continue scanning with your onboard switch or your foot pedal. If the error goes away, disconnect the hand control and repeat steps 4-6, plugging in the foot pedal instead.


Our service team is ready to help you with this or any other C-arm service issue you might have. Feel free to contact them with the button below. If you’ve been successful in diagnosing your problem, our parts team can assist you with the right hand control or foot pedal. Feel free to contact them as well.

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