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Replacing ADM Modules for Philips CT

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Before you begin working with the ADM modules on your Philips CT scanner, there are some things you should know. First and foremost among these things: if you want to maintain optimum image quality, you can’t use your ADM modules interchangeably. Keep reading to find out why and learn best practices for replacing ADM modules in your system.

Your Center 6

Your CT scanner has 42 ADM modules in its gantry. Of all of these, the center 6 are the most important. These modules are more in line with your X-ray source and with the patient passing through the bore. If you begin to see image quality issues from ADM failure, your center 6 should top the list of suspects.

Your Center 6 and Your Image Quality

Whenever you have an artifact or failure arising from one of the center 6 detector modules, you should replace the entire set. Those other 5 could be functioning well within manufacturer specifications, but center ADM modules are kind of a package deal.

The center 6 modules are quality-matched at the factory and only the best are used in that section of each scanner. Think of the cast of a stage show: they are all actors and all of them can play their part, but only the best of them are chosen to be front-and-center in a lead role. Adding a module in the center that isn’t the same quality as the others around it creates an inconsistency that can reduce image quality and create artifacts.

Your Center 6 and Part Numbers

You might already know that the 42 G-type ADM modules are similar at first glance, but there is a difference. The center six are set aside with a unique part number (part # 4550-122-03371) from the single detector modules (part # 4550-120-03801). Even though there is a similarity, moving modules from the edge to the center is still a bad idea. Your edge modules are the same type of part as the ones in the center, but as mentioned earlier, some come out ahead of the rest and are set aside as matched sets for the center 6 slots. Moving modules in from the edge will put a lower-quality module among your 5 best. It probably won’t solve your problem- and it could even make it worse.

If you need more information on ADM modules, other Philips CT parts or other CT service concerns, we’re happy to help with your questions and price requests and can even ship replacement parts same day.