Trish Payne

Trish Payne is Block Imaging’s OEM and FDA Liaison. Trish is passionate about understanding the causes of challenges and working collaboratively to overcome them for the good of the imaging industry and the healthcare providers it serves. In addition to keeping Block Imaging’s work in step with industry standards, Trish is a wife, mother of two, tennis player, and world traveler.

'ISO Certified' vs. 'ISO Compliant' for Imaging Equipment Vendors

With Block Imaging Parts & Service’s yearly ISO audit right around the corner, I am reminded of the value it brings to our company and our customers.  It is an investment of hard work and capital to maintain and to be continually improving in all areas, but definitely the kind of investment we are eager to make.

Because of ISO Certification we run more efficiently and are more effective at what we do.

I am also reminded of some companies who advertise with misleading phrases or taglines and want you to believe that they are an ISO certified/registered company when, in fact, they may not be!  A lot of organizations know and understand some of the ISO standards and sincerely try to follow them, but aren’t certified. They adhere to some of the standards, but haven’t made the significant dollar investment or done the really hard work of implementing the entire standard or have gone through an audit with an accredited certification company to actually become ISO certified.

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