Tony Baggett

Tony Baggett is an Imaging Engineer at Block Imaging. Tony takes pride in providing a personable, high-quality experience every time. When he’s not turning a wrench on an imaging system, Tony can be found hunting, fishing, and camping with his wife, son, and daughter.

DR Panel Subscription Program vs. DR Panel Purchase

Subscription services are nothing new. In fact, pretty much everyone in any developed country has at least one or two. From Netflix to municipal services like trash collection, people all over the world sign up for services that provide them with the use of something they don't necessarily intend to own- like a server filled with thousands of movies or a garbage truck. Now, DR panel providers are applying that same model to digitizing your analog X-ray equipment. Imagine: your facility can make use of a fully-covered DR panel without making a lump sum capital expenditure. Intriguing? We think so.

While outright purchase of a DR panel may still be the best choice for some, we’re going to share with you the top three reasons we recommend anyone shopping the DR panel market to consider a panel subscription program. We can't speak for every subscription provider out there, so we'll use our program terms as examples along the way.

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