Chris Sharrock

Chris Sharrock is the Vice President of Equipment Solutions at Block Imaging. Sometimes referred to as the “The C-Arm Guy”, Chris has a passion for music, fitness and genuinely enjoys helping others make decisions about c-arms and fluoroscopy equipment. You can download Chris’ very popular “C-Arm Buyer’s Guide” or connect with him here.

Fuji Persona CS vs. OEC 9900: C-Arm Power Comparison

The Fuji Persona CS is an eye-catching newcomer to the C-arm market; and rightfully so. It boasts a space-saving footprint, a flat-panel digital detector, 30 fps fluoroscopy, and a host of other attractive features. But when C-arm buyers consult the specifications, it's common for the Persona's 5kW generator to raise some questions:

  • Does the Persona have enough power for a busy schedule of long fluoro runs?
  • Isn't a system with a higher kW rating (not to mention a lower price tag), like the OEC 9900 a better pick for a workload like that?

To answer these questions, we'll compare the generator and tube ratings of the more common OEC 9900 to those of the Fuji Persona CS. Then we'll share what those specifications mean for users with demanding workloads.

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