Mohammed Ali

Mohammed Ali is an Imaging Engineer at Block Imaging. He enjoys applying his 20+ years of electrical engineering experience to solving problems in life-saving imaging equipment. When he’s not working, Mohammed loves to read, explore new technologies, and learn new things.

How to Find and Clear Collision Errors on GE Innova Cath Labs

Any time objects begin to move from a fixed position, there's a risk of one of them running into the others, right? This is precisely why GE Innova cath labs come equipped with collision sensors- to detect when system components are encroaching on another object and shut down movement. But when a sensor is activated, whether due to an actual collision or a temporary glitch, are there simple ways to clear the error and get moving again?

Below, we'll show you how to easily locate the source of your collision error and equip you with a few simple steps that can clear the error and get your Innova cath lab back in action.