Kylie Dishaw

Kylie Dishaw is the Product Support Team Lead at Block Imaging. Her goal is to create smooth and seamless transactions for every equipment buyer she serves. When she’s not serving the imaging field, Kylie enjoys family time with her husband and children, archery, and watching college football.

Sony 900 Series Printers Compared


Even in our increasingly paperless world, there are still plenty of facilities looking for reliable, convenient-to-use printers for their C-arm and ultrasound systems for plenty of reasons. Whether you're sending shots of babies home with expecting mothers or storing hard copies of fluoro studies for auditing purposes, something from the Sony 900 series is a solid choice. With five models in the product line, though, which one should you choose?

We can't make the pick for you, but we will bring more clarity to the decision by breaking down the similarities and differences of the five models in Sony's 900 series printers.

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