Kelley Tomlinson

Kelley Tomlinson is the Service Coordinator Team Lead for Block Imaging Time & Materials Service. She considers it a privilege to work with end users all over the world to resolve their equipment issues. Out of the office, Kelley enjoys supporting MSU athletics and trying new foods from all over.

MRI Chiller Failure: Save Helium with a Water Bypass

When your MRI scanner's chiller isn't working properly, watching your helium boil off can feel an awful lot like watching money burn. Fortunately, there's a way to slow down boil off and reduce your losses while you wait for HVAC service personnel to arrive and resuscitate your chiller: a city water bypass.

A city water bypass (CWB), also known as a city water changeover or simply city water backup, allows you to temporarily cool your MRI with water from your local municipal lines. Keep reading for more details on this MRI rescue tool that can help you save big time on MRI maintenance and service.

What's Included in Imaging Equipment Preventative Maintenance, Really?

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How to Delete Patient Data on an OEC 9800 C-Arm

Be it for HIPAA compliance or simply to clear memory space on your system, it can be necessary...