Josh Nunez

Josh Nunez is the Product Manager for Molecular Imaging Equipment at Block Imaging. He is also a husband, father of 5, athlete, and literature and photography buff. Josh is energized by developing an understanding of each customer's unique imaging needs and overcoming the challenge of helping find them the perfect equipment match.

Philips Gemini GXL vs. Gemini TF PET/CT

The Philips Gemini PET/CT line is now three generations deep. From the Gemini Dual and 16 Power, to the Gemini GXL, to the Gemini TF, Philips has been improving the image quality and detection accuracy of their PET/CT equipment every few years. Sometimes these changes come quickly enough that, unless you keep your ear to the ground on all things tech, a new iteration can be easy to miss.

Since we know many of you are too busy serving patients, building practices, and managing imaging departments to monitor the equipment industry, we've done the legwork of comparing the last two Philips PET/CT models to emerge on the secondary market for you. Below, find a comparison of the Gemini GXL and the Gemini TF. You'll learn what they share, how they differ, and where each shines.

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