John Maher

What New CMS Cuts Mean for CR Image Processing

Many of our readers, friends, and contacts across the imaging field heard early on in 2016 that CMS was implementing reimbursement cuts to film processing in 2017. The result was a flood of requests from people looking to update their equipment stables ahead of the cuts. Many of them are sensed an even deeper turn in the direction of digital imaging and inquired after the ongoing viability of CR processing as a solution.

What we've been communicating to all of them for the last 18 months is that the same legislation cutting reimbursements to film (The Consolidated Appropriations Act) will also cut reimbursements to CR processing in 2018 and again in 2023. In light of this additional wave of cuts, we want to share with you exactly what the law says will happen to CR reimbursements as well as how you can calculate your facility's position and form an upgrade plan.

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