Jason Crawford

Jason Crawford is the President of Block Imaging. Aside from spending time with his wife and three children, Jason’s biggest interests involve anything that brings new insight on investing in people and building high-trust relationships. He believes that excellence in both of these areas can build the best team for delivering on the needs of customers.

Introducing Block Imaging's New West Coast Facility

In a recent press release, Block Imaging announced our acquisition of the Reliable Healthcare Imaging Technology (RHIT) operation from Varex Corporation.

If you've worked with Block Imaging before or are weighing new solutions for your imaging equipment service, you might be wondering what this acquisition means for Block customers. In the next few lines, we'll unpack how our new west coast operation will fit alongside the rest of the Block Imaging family and the difference our customers will experience in the long run.

Block Imaging Acquires Varex’s RHIT Operation

Block Imaging is expanding technical capabilities to serve imaging parts and service customers!


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