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Brian Townsend

Brian Townsend Brian Townsend is an Imaging Engineer at Block Imaging. His main areas of focus are X-ray and Women’s Health systems. When he’s not in the field serving healthcare providers, Brian can be found playing and coaching team sports, from baseball to basketball.

X-Ray in Use Light: Prepping for Your X-Ray System Installation

Posted by Brian Townsend

Sep 3, 2020 10:45:00 AM

:: 2 minute read ::

X-Ray Warning Light.png

In many areas, government regulations require a warning light outside radiological exam rooms to indicate when X-rays are being produced. Most often, these lights are behind a lens with the words "X-RAY IN USE" printed right on it. It's a safety precaution that helps eliminate unnecessary radiation exposure to anyone who may pass through an active X-ray area.

As an X-ray equipment provider, we get plenty of questions about X-ray in use lights. Today, we're going to bring some clarity on the topic with answers to the questions we get most often.

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Topics: X-Ray

AMX Portable X-Ray Battery Charge Tips

Posted by Brian Townsend

Feb 3, 2017 11:00:00 AM

:: 1 minute read ::

AMX Battery Tips.jpg

It's probably obvious to most people that if something runs on batteries, those batteries need to stay charged to keep that something from shutting down. GE AMX portable X-ray systems are certainly no exception to this, but what may not be so obvious is what else can happen to them if a sufficient charge is not kept on their batteries.

We're going to share with you why you should never run your AMX batteries too low, what the consequences are if you do, and best practices to keep your batteries where they need to be.

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