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Approved Monitor Upgrades for OEC 9800 and OEC 8800

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OEC 9800 and 8800 C-arms are quality, reliable systems with years of patient service left in them, but here in 2018 most users would like to see the old-style CRT monitors go away. Fortunately, that can happen with a flat screen monitor upgrade. Several third-party upgrades have been available over the last few years, but now Block imaging can provide the only OEC-approved monitor upgrade. Watch the video below to see what the upgrade looks like and to learn what all the advantages of upgrading are.

OEC-Approved Monitor Upgrades

OEC Monitor Upgrades

If you're interested in extending the life and increasing the performance of your OEC 9800 or 8800 with a monitor upgrade, our C-arm team is ready when you are to start talking through your project. Give us a call or contact us here on the website.