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Analog to Digital X-Ray: Easy Upgrade Demo [video]

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We've been discussing upgrades from analog X-ray systems to digital radiography (DR) on our blog for a couple of years. The increases in efficiency, the cost savings vs. traditional film methods, the improvements in image quality- all of these have been covered in one article or another but, what we haven't fully demonstrated yet is how easy it is to start using one of these upgrades on your X-ray system. That ends today.

The video below shows the pieces that are generally included in a DR panel kit, some basics of the user interface, and the processing speed from exposure to rendering on the workstation.

 Upgrading to DR Easily

Using a DR panel on your analog X-ray room is the most cost-effective way to leave behind the disadvantages of film and CR while embracing most of the advantages of a factory-born DR room. If you're ready to learn more about DR panel upgrades, we're ready to tell you all about them. Contact us to speak with one of our product experts about finding the best upgrade fit for you.

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