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 Your Guide to Medical Imaging Equipment

Enjoy these tips, tricks and insights that answer 100's of questions we've received from radiology and imaging professionals that need help buying, selling, servicing and maintaining their medical imaging equipment: MRI, CT, C-Arm, Digital X-ray, PET/CT and Women's Health. We extend the life of imaging equipment so that healthcare providers worldwide can extend the lives of patients. This is why we answer your imaging equipment questions.

~ Block Imaging Team

The Best Values in Pain Management C-Arms

Open MRI Service Cost Price Info

How to Extend the Life of Your GE CT Tube

CMS Emergency Declaration Waiver: Hospitals Can Flex Maintenance Rules

Cath/Angio Lab Service Cost Price Info

How to Measure CT Tube Usage: 3 Methods Compared

Veterinary MRI Machines: 3 Reasons to Consider One for Your Practice

MRI Service Cost Price Info

MX165 Tubes for GE CT: Compatability, Cost, Lifespan

MRI Helium Refills and Boil-off Rates: The Top Six Magnets

Which PET/CT Scanner Is the Best Value?

What Is the Best Portable X-Ray for COVID-19 Screening?

MRI Service Contracts: What’s Not Included?

What Is the Best Price for Quality Mammo Equipment Service?

Why Would I Choose a GE Innova Cath Lab?

Replacing Your OEC 9800 and 9900 Cables

PET/CT Scanner Service Cost Price Info

GE MRI Machines: Models and Reviews

System Support Modules for GE MRI: Cost, Lifespan, Signs of Failure

CT Scanner Service Cost Price Info

C-Arm Service Cost Price Info

What Does Your Imaging Equipment Service Rep REALLY Know?

Why Would I Choose a Philips Allura XPER Cath Lab?

Remote Team Leadership: Leading During Social Distancing

CT Tube Lifespan and Cost: MRC 600, MRC 800

MRI Cold Heads 101

How to Resolve an OEC C-Arm Precharge Voltage Error

Why You Need a UPS for Your Imaging Equipment

How To Tell If Your CT Tube Is About To Fail

How Is Block Imaging Responding to Coronavirus?

Carestream Portable X-Ray Rentals: When, Why, How Much?

3 Basic Tips For Ordering Medical Imaging Parts

AIAT Information Explained for X-ray Equipment Installations

Neusoft Medical Provides Diagnostic Certainty Against Coronavirus

C-Arm Lease Prices Could Be the Answer

Siemens Multitom RAX Review

How Much Does a C-Arm Rental Cost?

Siemens Straton CT Tubes Clarified

How Much Does a CT Scanner Cost?

Nuclear Camera Price Cost Guide

4 Benefits of Hologic Dimensions Mammo with Affirm Breast Biopsy

C-Arm Cost Price Guide

Digital Cath Lab Equipment Price Guide

Digital Mammography Equipment Price/Cost Info

How to Prepare Your MRI for an Incoming Storm

DEXA Bone Densitometer Price Guide

MRI Machine Cost and Price Guide

What to Expect During Your Cath Lab Project

How Much Does a PET/CT Scanner Cost?

GE Innova 2100, 3100, 4100 'End of Service': What's Next for Users?

X-Ray Machine Cost Price Guide

DR Flat Panel Detector Price Guide

OEC 9900 MD vs. OEC 9800 MD

What Happens During a Cath Lab Inspection?

Choosing the Best X-Ray Equipment

Cath Lab Parts & Service Costs

What You Need to Know About Remote Diagnostic Units for MRI

GE IGS 5 Cath Labs vs. IGS 7 Cath Labs

How Much is My MRI Worth? It’s Easier to Figure Out Than You Think

GE Optima 580W Review

Questions to Ask BEFORE You Buy a Cath Lab

Three Exciting Features of Siemens' new Somatom X.cite CT

Why I Would Never Own a Digital Cath Lab Without a Service Contract

GE Optima XR220 vs. Carestream DRX Revolution

How to Tell if a GE Innova Is an IQ System

Siemens Aera Takes 2019 Award for Clinical Capability in Wide-Bore MRI

C-Arm Training: What Are You Looking For?

Siemens Sensation Detector Module Replacement Guide

How Much Does a GE Innova Cath Lab Cost?

How Many Monitors Come with a Cath Lab?

How Much Does It Cost to Lease a GE Innova Cath Lab?

CT Scanner Site Planning Checklist

Philips FD20 Lease Price Guide

GE Innova 3100 IQ and Philips Allura FD 20 Earn 2019 'Best in Class'

How Much Does an Open MRI Scanner Weigh?

How Much Does a Refurbished OEC 9900 Cost?

Mini C-Arms vs Full-Size C-Arms

CT Scanner Installation Process: What to Expect

The Best CT Scanner for Low-Volume Facilities

CMS Announces New PCI Codes for Ambulatory Surgery Centers

Philips Panorama 1.0T HFO Review

Cath Lab vs. C-Arm in Office-Based Labs

How Much Does it Cost to Rig an MRI Scanner?

OEC 9900: How to Use Your Extra Monitor Options

Hologic Selenia Detector Cost, Lifespan, and Replacement

GE Innova 4100 vs Philips FD20 Interventional Lab Comparison

3T MRI vs 1.5T MRI

Imaging Equipment Upgrades by Price Tier: How Much Will My Next System Cost?

Why Does My OEC 9800 Boot up Stop at Five Arrows?

Imaging Equipment Service Questions and Answers

4 Keys for Buying a Hologic Dimensions 3D Tomo Mammography Unit

3 Flexible Medical Equipment Service Plans for MRI, CT, X-Ray, and More

MediCapture Comparison: USB170 vs. USB200, USB300, and MVR Series

Is It Time to Replace Your Philips Forte Nuclear Camera?

4 Ways to Reduce Medical Equipment Service Costs

7 Questions to Ask Before Buying Refurbished Medical Equipment

It Might Not Be Your GE Digital Mammo Detector

C-Arm Site Planning: What Size Room Do I Need?

Which Coils and Accessories Come with a Mobile MRI Rental?

What's The Best Cath Lab for Veterinary Use?

How to Change the X-Ray Dose Units on Your OEC 9800 C-Arm

4 Problems When Choosing a Refurbished Equipment Vendor

Four Mobile Imaging Rental Problems and Their Solutions

Is Cardiac PET Scanning in Danger of Being Shut Down?

Mobile Imaging Setup: What to Expect

3 Ways to Save on Your Next Imaging Equipment Service Call

How Much Does It Cost to Lease a DEXA Bone Density Machine?

GE Precision 500D Aurora vs. 500D Odetta

3 Price Points for Digital X-ray Equipment Options

Can I Measure My OEC C-Arm Tube Lifespan?

Your Used Hologic or GE Lunar Bone Densitometer is Worth...

Siemens Ysio vs. GE XR 656

Selling Your Used C-Arm: 6 Steps for a Smooth Transaction

Signs Your Hologic M-113T Mammo Tube Is Failing

GE CT Scanner Cost Price Info

This Year's Top Imaging Service Articles

GE Digital Radiography System Price Cost Guide

Philips MRI Machine Models and Reviews

CT Tube Replacement Price Cost Guide

1.5T MRI Gradient Slew Rates Compared

Who Makes the Best 3D C-Arm?

What Happens During Cath Lab Refurbishment?

Cone Beam CT vs. Traditional CT

Closed MRI vs. Open MRI vs. Wide-Bore MRI

How to Recover Siemens CT From 'Fatal Error in Reconstruction System'

What Is 'Unistrut' & Why Does My Medical Facility Need It?

What Is 'Time of Flight' PET Scanning?

1.5T MRI Suite Size Requirements

The Best CT Scan Room Temperature and Humidity for Maximum Uptime

Compact All-in-One C-Arms: Pros, Cons, & Options

Top Four MRI Scanner Service Problems and Solutions

Gadox vs. Cesium: DR Panel Comparison

FDA 2579 Form: What Is It And Where Do I Get One?

1.5T MRI Machine Price Guide

GE Optima CT Scanners: An Overview

Stationary Anode vs. Rotating Anode: Two C-Arm Tube Types Compared

How to Pack and Ship a Digital Detector

Which PACS Is Best for You?

3 Benefits of Open MRI Scanners

Hologic Selenia Tube Lifespan and Replacement Cost

3 Options for Adding Monitors to a C-Arm

How to Improve Your Mini C-Arm Image Quality in Seven Easy Steps

Does My MRI Service Agreement Include MRI Coil Coverage?

How to Get the Most Out of Your OEC C-Arm Battery Set

Common Errors on the OEC 9800 & How to Address Them

DEXA Body Composition Scanning: Missed Potential for Patients and Imaging Centers?

Two Alternatives to Philips Brightview Nuclear Cameras

Four Ways to Sell Your Imaging Equipment

What's Included in Imaging Equipment Preventative Maintenance, Really?

Hologic Dimensions vs. GE Pristina: 3D Mammo Comparison

What Is an MRI Quench?

What to Look for in a C-arm for HSG Procedures

How Much Does a Mobile CT Rental Cost?

How Much Helium Does an MRI Machine Use?

Mini C-Arm Prices: How Much is a Mini C-Arm Really Going to Cost?

How Much Does It Cost to Buy a Mobile MRI Machine?

ADM Modules for Siemens CT: Can You Replace Just One?

Philips Achieva 1.5T vs. Philips Ingenia 1.5T

What to Expect for Your MRI Coil Repair

GE Essential vs. Hologic Selenia: Digital Mammography Unit Comparison

Copley 274 Gradient Parts: Lifespan and Cost Info

Four Ways to Save on Veterinary CT Equipment

X-Ray Automation: Auto Tracking vs. Auto Positioning

The Helium Shortage: Don't Go It Alone

OEC Image Intensifier Power Supplies: Lifespan and Cost Info

Knocking Sound from Your GE CT Scanner? Check Your Encoder Wheel!

What Is the Best Way to Ship Medical Imaging Equipment?

Pain Management C-Arm Tables: 3 Key Features

Is a Helium Shortage a Good Time to Upgrade Your MRI?

What Size Room Do I Need for a Philips Cath Lab?

GE XR/d and Senographe 2000D Workstations: Cost, Signs of Failure, and Replacement Info

What Does RoHS Mean for Imaging Parts Compliance?

NEMA Standard XR-29 for CT- What Does It Mean for You?

What Is Gemstone Spectral Imaging?

GE VCT CT Scanner Review

Lunar DEXA Bone Densitometer Tube Price Cost Guide

OEC Elite vs. OEC 9900 Elite

Insight FD Vs. OEC Elite MiniView

Philips Brilliance 40 & 64 A-Plane Collimators: 3 Things You Need to Know

The Four Best CT Scanners for Veterinarians

Wide-Bore MRI Comparison: Siemens Espree vs. Siemens Aera

How to Delete Studies in Vieworks VXvue Software

Toshiba X-ray Tube Comparison: CXB-750C vs CXB-750D

Mobile Imaging Providers vs. Mobile Imaging Brokers

Used Medical Imaging Parts vs. New: What’s BEST for You?

CT Service Contracts: What is NOT Included?

OEC C-arm Laser Aimers: 5 Reasons to Get One

The 3 Most Difficult CT Scanners to Service

DEXA Service Cost Price Info

GE Cath Lab Room Dimensions

CT Tube Lifespan: Dura 202 and Dura 422

Why Can't I Cancel My Service Agreement?

Siemens 3T MRI Scanners Compared

MRI Coil Price Cost Guide

How to Diagnose Boot Up Problems for OEC 9800 C-Arms

MRI Service Coverage for Total Risk Management

STI Streamline vs. Economax: C-Arm Surgical Tables Compared

Toshiba CXB-750D/4A Tubes: Cost, Lifespan, Reloading

CT Scanner Comparison: GE Optima 660 vs. Discovery 750 HD

The Hidden Cost of Medical Imaging Parts: Returns

Siemens Mobile MRI Machines Compared

Top 4 CT Chiller Problems

GE 2000D Mammo: X-Ray Tube Lifespan and Cost Info

C-Arm Oil Leak: Diagnosis and Next Steps

How to Delete Patient Data on an OEC 9800 C-Arm

What Should I Look to Include When Purchasing an MRI?

Incoterms: Rules for Moving a Medical Device

The Best Cath System for an Office-Based Lab

Siemens Espree and GE 450W Awarded '2019 Best in Class: 70cm MRI Bore'

Smart Metal Artifact Reduction 101

Decoding the MRC 200 Cath/Angio X-Ray Tube

Replacing ADM Modules for Philips CT

When Should I Replace My MRI Cold Head?

5 Reasons Why an Imaging Equipment Service Plan Is a Win

How to Prepare Your Site for a Mobile PET/CT Rental

GE Senographe Essential Digital Detectors: Lifespan and Cost Info

Philips 16-Slice CT Detector Module Lifespan and Cost Info

Imaging Equipment Purchasing: 4 Questions to Ask Before 'How Much?'

Top 4 C-Arm Problems and Solutions

What New MITA Standards Mean for Medical Imaging Equipment Service

GE OEC 9800 Awarded '2019 Best Value in Class'

IVUS and ICE Ultrasound Imaging in the Cath Lab: What Are They?

OEC 9900 Parts and Service Costs

When Should I Schedule a Helium Fill for My MRI Machine?

MRI Comparison: GE MR 450W vs. GE EXCITE HDXT

Imaging Service Success: Managing 31 Systems with One Online Tool

Cath Lab X-Ray Tube Pricing Guide

4 Reasons to Purchase a GE CT Scanner

Medical Imaging Service Plan Comparison: PM Only vs. Full Coverage

Who Are the Top Mobile Imaging Providers in the US?

Five Key Features of the GE Revolution CT Series

R/F Room Service Cost Price Info

The Best Mobile MRI for Long-Term Rental

Medical Imaging Equipment: Refurbished, Reconditioned, or Remanufactured

Three Key Features of the GE Optima 450w MRI

Siemens CT Now: a Bird's Eye View

Digital Mammo Tube Price Cost Guide

OEM Support Ends for Selenia with Sun Ultra 45

MX240 CT Tube Lifespan and Cost

Z-Motion U-Arm vs. Pausch Paxis 200 U-Arm

What's Next for the OEC 9800?

Are OEC 9800 and 9900 Interconnect Cables Interchangeable?

MX200 CT Tube Lifespan and Cost

I Bought a C-Arm. What Do I Need to Do Next?

What You Need to Know About the Siemens Cios Spin

What's the Difference Between a Cath Lab and an EP Lab?

How Much Does It Cost to Lease a GE Optima 660?

When a PET/CT with Time of Flight Might Not Be a Good Fit

The Best Cath Lab System for Electrophysiology

Image Intensifier Lifespan and Signs of Failure

How Much Does it Cost to Lease a Philips Brilliance 64?

4 Tips for Enduring the Helium Shortage in Medical Imaging

How Much Does It Cost to Lease a Siemens Sensation 64?

The Current State of Helium/Cryogen Supply in Medical Imaging

Orthoscan MDI vs. Orthoscan FD

What's Next for Fischer - Siemens Mammotest Users?

DR Panels: A Clear Choice for X-Ray Upgrades

GE CT DARC and DARC 2: Lifespan and Cost Info

Siemens ECAT PET Scanners Compared

Siemens Sensation 16 Lease Price Guide

OEC 9800 Flat Screen Monitor Upgrades: Choosing the Best One for You

GE Innova Cath Labs vs. GE IGS 5 Series Cath Labs

Siemens Emotion 16 Lease Pricing Guide

Three Applications for OrthoScan Mobile DI Mini C-Arms

How to Prepare for a Mobile MRI Rental

End of Life Medical Imaging Equipment... What Does It Really Mean?

Toshiba Aquilion 16 Lease Price Guide

The Future of OEC 9800 Upgrades: Everything You Need to Know

How to Prepare Your Site for a Mobile CT Rental

Do Mobile Imaging Rentals Come with Service Coverage?

How Much Does It Cost to Lease a GE Lightspeed 16?

Used and Refurbished C-Arms: How Important Is System Age?

Toshiba Aquilion 64 Lease Price Guide

7 Reasons to Upgrade Your GE Excite

How Much Does It Cost to Lease a GE VCT 64?

The Imaging Equipment Service Risk Spectrum: Where Do You Fall?

DR Panel Rental vs. DR Panel Subscription

What Type of System Should I Rent When Upgrading to a New OEM?

Philips Brightview System Review

5 Reasons to Choose Siemens Espree MRI

3 Key Elements of Effective X-Ray Preventive Maintenance

Gemini TF 16: Dispelling Concerns over Philips PET/CT

How Much Does A C-Arm Table Cost?

Seven Essential Elements of a Quality Imaging Service Contract Provider

GE LightSpeed VCT 64 vs. Siemens Sensation 64

How Much Does It Cost to Upgrade a GE MRI?

3 Ways to Select the Right Interim Mobile Provider

Approved Monitor Upgrades for OEC 9800 and OEC 8800

Siemens MRI Machine Models and Reviews

The Best C-Arm Values for Q4 2018

How Much Does a Mobile Symphony MRI Rental Cost?

3 Reasons Purchasing a Refurbished Toshiba MRI Can Be Challenging

Hologic Selenia Dimensions 3D Tomo Lease Rates

Philips Allura FD10 vs. Allura FD20 Cath/Angio Comparison

Interventional Radiology Equipment: GE Innova 2100 vs 3100 vs 4100

C-View Software for Hologic Mammography

Power Requirements for Mobile Diagnostic Imaging Equipment

Product Overview: Siemens Axiom Artis Interventional Lab

Why Block Imaging Is the Best Partner for Your Imaging Equipment Sales

Siemens MRI, GE CT: Top Picks for Mobile Imaging

Three Reasons to Consider Siemens' TIM Trio 3T

Buying a PET/CT Scanner? 3 Questions to Guide Your Search

CT Scanner Manufacturers and Models Guide

Reloaded X-ray Tubes vs. Reprocessed X-ray Tubes

Turning Used C-Arms Into Refurbished C-Arms

Challenges and Changes in Medical Imaging: Insights from a 20-Year Veteran

OEC 9800 vs. OEC 8800

CT Scanner Table Weight Capacities Compared

Cath Lab Equipment Planning... Takes Longer Than You Think

When to Rent a C-Arm vs. Buy a C-Arm

How to Fix Your Sagging Mini C-Arm

Low Field Open MRI vs Closed MRI

Bi-Plane Cath Labs vs Single-Plane Cath Labs

Top MRI Manufacturers Compared: Choosing the Best for Your Needs

Does My C-Arm Require Lead Shielding?

Power Requirements for Hologic Selenia Digital Mammography

Genoray Zen 7000: C-Arm System Overview

Top Four Part Failures for GE 1.5T MRI

Using GE Innova 2100 in Peripheral Studies

OEC 9800 vs. Genoray Zen-7000

OEC 9900 CCD Camera "Sticking"?

GE MRI Scanner Price Guide

Portable X-Ray Rental: 3 Reasons Why

MRI Coil Damage Prevention 101

OEC C-Arm Power Requirements

OEC 9600 Product Overview

What's Next for Discovery DEXA Service and Support?

Questions to Ask BEFORE You Buy a Used CT Scanner

Extremity MRI Scanner Price Cost Guide [2018]

Why GE LightSpeed, BrightSpeed, and Optima CT?

Flat Panel Detector C-Arms vs. Image Intensifier C-Arms

What Can the GE MacLab Monitor?

Urgent Care X-Ray Package Price Guide

X-Ray Equipment Service Cost Price Info

Imaging Equipment Finance and Project Services: a Customized Approach

Do I Need Lead Lining for My R/F Room, Rad Room, X-ray or C-Arm?

Philips Cath Lab Detector Size Comparison

FDA Report a Big Win for Third-Party Service Industry

What Happens During Mobile Imaging Trailer Refurbishment?

How to Sell Your MRI Machine

GE Innova Detector Size Comparison

Do I Need a Short, Medium, or Long Table for My GE VCT 32 or 64 CT?

DR Panel Comparison: Vieworks ViVIX N vs. Konica AeroDR Premium

5 Things Your C-Arm Service Contract May Be Missing

Does NEMA Standard XR-29 Apply to PET/CT?

Siemens Matrix Coils: What They Are, How You Benefit

Does My Mobile MRI or CT Rental Need a Covered Walkway?

Your OEC C-Arm Laser Aimer Probably Isn't Broken

GE Mobile MRI Rental Price Guide

Upgrade Your GE MRI Machine Without Replacing It

Siemens Mobile MRI Rental Price Guide

Can't Find a Siemens Verio? Try the Siemens TIM Trio 3T

My OEC 9800MD Joystick Won't Work!

GE MacLab Hemodynamic System Review

GE XRD Collimator: Lifespan and Cost Info

What New Tax Laws Mean for Imaging Equipment Deductions

Z-Motion U-Arms: Compact Rad Room Solution

DR Panel Subscription Periods: What to Expect

4 Tips for Buying a Hologic Selenia Mammo

Which Systems Would You Put in Your Imaging Facility?

How to Import Images from Your Vieworks DR Panel

Floor-Mounted Cath Labs vs Ceiling-Mounted Cath Labs

OEM Imaging Equipment vs. Secondary Dealer Equipment

Top Five Hologic Selenia Replacement Parts

What Is the Best C-Arm for Kyphoplasty, ESI, and Facet Injections?

How Much Does It Cost to Relocate an MRI Machine?

Hologic Multicare Declared End of Life: What's Next?

Straton Z CT Tube Lifespan and Cost

Selling Your Hologic Dimensions Mammography System

Mini C-Arm Price Cost Guide

OEC 9800 Handswitch & Footswitch Troubleshooting Basics

Orthoscan FD Digital Mini C-Arm Review: Is It Right for You?

Vieworks Vivix-S 1417W vs. Iray Mars 1417V: DR Panels Compared

Hologic DEXA HV Tank Troubleshooting

X-Ray Machine Installation Prep: Getting Started

DR Panel Subscription Program vs. DR Panel Purchase

Philips Gemini TF vs. Philips Ingenuity TF

How to Find Software Options on a Siemens Sensation 64 CT

Mammography vs. Breast MRI for Breast Cancer Detection

Siemens Novation X-Ray Tube: Lifespan, Signs of Failure, Replacement

Hologic Dimensions: Bridging the 3D Mammography Gap

Siemens RFPA Failure? 4 Common Reasons Why and Solutions

Decoding the Megalix Cath/Angio X-Ray Tube

Siemens Definition Series CT Scanners Compared

Block Imaging's Top Takeaways from RSNA 2017

How to Change Batteries on an OEC 9800 or 9900 C-Arm

CT Tube Lifespan: Akron B and Akron Q

How to Find the Software Version on Your OEC 9800, 8800, 6800, or 2800

Philips Gemini GXL vs. Gemini TF PET/CT

Hologic Selenia Detectors: Lifespan and Cost Info

What New CMS Cuts Mean for CR Image Processing

OEC C-Arms vs. Philips Pulsera C-Arms

Siemens Avanto Body Matrix Coils: Function, Failure, Replacement

Digital Detector Kit Upgrades Your Analog Mammography System

Replacing Your OEC 9800 Skin Spacer

Upgrade Options for GE AMX IV Portable X-Ray

What Anthem's Outpatient Imaging Rollback Means for Hospitals, Imaging Centers, and Patients

OEC 8800 vs. OEC 9800

Hitachi Airis Elite vs. GE Ovation: Open MRI Scanners Compared

6 Best Practices for Patient Data Disaster Recovery

OEC C-Arm Parts: Your First Call

GE Logiq E9 vs. GE Logiq F8: Ultrasound Comparison

GE Essential Mammo: X-Ray Tube Lifespan and Cost Info

How to Sell Your CT Scanner

Solve Erratic OEC 9900 Lift Movements with These Two Parts

Is Mobile MRI or CT Rental Right for You?

Siemens Sensation 64 vs. Philips Brilliance 64

GE Omega IV vs. GE Omega V Tables for Innova Cath Labs

Siemens Artis Zee Cath Lab Tube and Detector Guide

6 Ways Block Imaging Can Support Equipment Impacted by Hurricanes Harvey and Irma

Choosing Hemodynamic Monitoring for Your Cath Lab System

Simplifying Digital X-Ray Workflow with NFC Technology

C-Arm Rental Do's and Don'ts

Which CT Scanner Is the Best Value?

OEC 9800 Parts and Service Costs

When Is Short-Bore MRI Too Short?

Are C-Arm Reimbursements the Same for All Models?

What Do I Do if I Can’t Find My FDA 2579 Form?

Is a C-Arm Rental Right for You?

Relocating Your CT Scanner: What You Need to Know

GE Essential Mammography Paddles: Which Are 'Standard'?

How Much Does It Cost to Rent a Mobile MRI?

Used Medical Imaging Equipment Valuations: FMV versus OLV

3 Tips to Save Your C-Arm Cables

Siemens Symphony Declared 'End of Life': What's Next for Symphony Users

Digital Radiography Plate Drop Coverage: What You Need to Know

Used DEXA Scanner Prices: Private Listings vs. Third-Party Resellers

Relocating Imaging Equipment? 3 Tips to Save Time, Money, Stress

What Does 'End of Life' Mean for MRI Scanners?

Imaging Equipment Project Management: What Can Your Provider Really Do for You?

Five Basic Facts Every Doctor Needs to Know About Digital Radiography

Selling Your Used Imaging System: What Full Project Management Can Do for You

Imaging Equipment Applications Training vs System Demonstration of Use

kV Control Boards for GE's Jedi Generator: How to Make Sure You Get the Right One

Orthoscan HD1000 vs Orthoscan FD

Is Wireless For You? 3 Advantages & Disadvantages of Wireless Digital X-Ray Systems

Used Medical Imaging Systems: What if the Seller Removes the Hard Drive?

QA Block vs. Spine Phantom for GE Lunar DEXA

Remote Support vs. MirAssist

OEC 8800 vs. OEC 9900

How to Tell if Your Aquilion 64 has a Spellman or SRU Generator

Is 64 the New 16? Standards of Care in CT Scanner Technology

Does My Imaging System Need Service Coverage?

Used MRI vs Refurbished MRI

GE Lightspeed VCT 64 vs. Philips Brilliance 64

How to Access Your Hologic DEXA Error Logs

Does My Hologic Selenia Need an External UPS?

How to Find and Clear Collision Errors on GE Innova Cath Labs

Siemens Arcadis C-Arm Price Cost Guide

Jarrell IG vs. Westville IG for GE CT Scanners

Toshiba Aquilion 64 vs. GE Lightspeed VCT 64

Digital X-Ray Upgrades: Dual-Panel for Fixed X-Ray Suites

Hologic Selenia Mammography Paddles: Which Are 'Standard'?

X-Ray in Use Light: Prepping for Your X-Ray System Installation

Veterinary X-Ray Equipment: 3 Things to Consider Before You Buy

Hologic Selenia X-Ray Tube Types: Which One Do You Need?

Toshiba CXB-750D CT Tubes: Which Versions are Compatible?

Cath Lab Accessories: Is Your Room Complete?

How to Choose a Refurbished Equipment Vendor Based on Service Support

5 Ways to Make Your Imaging Equipment Install More Efficient

OEC 8800 vs. OEC 9600

Seven Reasons to Shop MRI Machines Globally

Troubleshooting C-Arm Image Artifacts

4 Questions to Find the Best MRI Sound System

Scintron vs. CVIT

OEC 9600 SRAM: Is There a Substitute?

How Many Digital Radiography Panels Do I Need for My Upgrade?

Why Rent a Mobile Cath/Angio Lab?

AGFA Flat Panel Detectors vs. Vieworks Flat Panel Detectors

Wide Bore MRI Machine Comparison

AMX Portable X-Ray Battery Charge Tips

Dental CT Scanners No Longer Subject to Certificate of Need Regulations in Michigan

Wireless Flat Panel Detectors: What's Their Range?

Top 5 Rarest Used MRI Scanners (and Best Substitute MRI Machines)

Philips Achieva vs. Intera Achieva: Don't Judge a Magnet by Its Covers

Portable X-Ray Upgrades: Protecting Your Flat Panel Detector

How to Sell Your DEXA System

Siemens Avanto vs. Siemens Espree: MRI Comparison

4 Questions to Ask Before Buying a Pre-Owned MRI Scanner

3 Reasons Hospitals Choose Lightspeed CT

How to Sell Your Cath Lab

Medical Imaging Accreditation FAQ

The New Section 179 Outlook: Best Ever?

Is Going Green Giving Your MRI Scanner Image Artifacts?

Digital X-Ray Detectors: 6 Key Factors that Drive Upgrade Pricing

How to Decide Which C-Arm Image Intensifier Size is Best: 9in vs 12in

Top Cath Lab Equipment Articles

3 Reasons Why GE CT Scanners Cost More

OEC 9800 vs. OEC 9900

What Kind of Cath Lab Do I Need?

Digital Portable X-Ray Package for Mobile or Urgent Care

What Medical Imaging Equipment Do They Really Have in Inventory?

Air-Cooled CT Scanners vs. Water-Cooled CT Scanners

Siemens Sensation vs. Siemens Emotion [CT Scanner Comparison]

Siemens Analog Cath Lab Tube Guide

Capital Equipment Financing: Line of Credit vs. Financial Company

Siemens Bi-Plane Cath Lab Tube and Detector Guide

3 Tips to Maximize the Life of Your Mammo Unit

Siemens Axiom Artis Digital Cath Lab Tube and Detector Guide

GE Global Services: IAMERS Q & A Recap

Meet the New BlockImaging.com

GE Ultra 8 Lease Price Guide

Mini C-Arm vs Full Size C-Arm vs Compact C-Arm

Sony 900 Series Printers Compared

7 Reasons to Consider Owning a Mobile MRI

Digital X-Ray: CR vs. DR Flat Panels

GE Innova Chillers: Why Are There Two?

3 Ways to Brighten the Image on Your OEC 9800

C-Arm Shipment: What to Expect

Siemens Arcadis Avantic Features Overview [VIDEO]

GE Letter Declares 'Non-Base' Software Options Non-Transferable

OEC 9800 vs. OEC 8800: Tube Power Comparison

Used Analog X-Ray with New Digital Detector: Price Cost Guide

What Happens During an R/F Room Refurbishment?

New Analog X-Ray with New Digital Detector: Price Cost Guide

Automated Digital X-Ray vs. Analog X-Ray with Digital Panel Upgrade

Innova Atlas C2 Positioner Cabinet: What's in It? What Does it Do?

Advantages of Phased Array MRI Coils

OEC 9800 Super-C C-arm: What's So Super?

6 Common Misconceptions About C-Arm Service Agreements

Philips MX16 Lease Price Guide

Selling Your CT Scanner: What to Expect When You're Inspected

Vieworks VXvue Imaging Software Review

GE Innova RTAC: What Does It Do, Which One Do I Have?

Can I Secure a Refurbished C-Arm on a Trial Basis?

Portable X-Ray Comparison: Source-Ray SR-130 vs. Dynarad Phantom

OEC 9800 vs. Siemens Arcadis Varic

3 Questions for More Accurate CT Scanner Project Quotes

Rad Room Installation with Tethered Digital Detector [Project Time Lapse]

Sony UP991AD vs. Sony UP990AD: C-Arm/Ultrasound Printer Comparison

GE Innova DL: What Does It Do, Which One Do I Have?

Urgent Care X-Ray Equipment Price Cost Guide [2017]

Siemens Cios Fusion vs. OEC 9900

Turning Used Digital Mammos into Refurbished Digital Mammos

Digital X-Ray Tech Support: Remote vs. On-Site

How to Use Registration and Landmarking on Your OEC 9800

How to Find Tube Info and Software Options on a Philips Brilliance 16 CT

The Best C-Arm Tables for Pain Management [VIDEO]

GE VCT 32 Lease Price Guide

How to Find Tube Count and Software Options on a Siemens Sensation 64 CT

Upgrade to a DR Panel with Section 179

Healthcare Supply Chain Leader Shares Insights About the Medical Imaging Parts Market

GE Innova 3100 IQ vs. Innova 3131 IQ: Cath Lab Comparison

Body Composition Scanning with DEXA [VIDEO]

Philips Brilliance 16 Lease Price Guide

PACS Alternatives for Pain Management C-Arm Image Storage

The New Siemens Cios C-Arms: First Impressions

How to Find Enabled Software Options on a GE Innova Cath/Angio System

X-Ray Room Installation: Should My Chest Stand Be Left-Hand or Right-Hand Loaded?

GE Innova 4100 IQ Movement and Fluoro Demo [VIDEO]

GE Definium 8000 vs. Proteus w/Digital Detector: The Cost of Ownership

What New CMS Cuts Mean for X-ray Film Processing

Why Do Only Some OEC 9900 C-Arms Have a Color Monitor?

RoHS Compliance: What It Means for Used Equipment

Benefits of C-Arms for Swallow Studies

Which OEC Systems Can Be Upgraded to LCD Flatscreens?

OEC 6800 vs. Hologic Insight II: Mini C-Arm Comparison

Philips CTs: MX8000 vs Brilliance Scanners

How to Set the Date and Time on a GE Precision 500D

C-Arm Cost Price Guide- Full-size C-arm systems

Top Imaging Equipment Service Articles of 2015

Do Aftermarket Add-Ons Provide NEMA XR-29 Compliance for CT?

Hitachi Airis II vs. Airis Elite: Open MRI Compared

Top MRI Articles of 2015

Awesome C-Arm Price Infographic | Compare C-Arm Machine Prices

3 Reasons You Can Buy a Refurbished Hologic Selenia with Confidence

Bone Densitometer Removal: How to Prepare, What to Expect

The Future of Innovation in Radiology Summarized in 8 Tweets from #RSNA15

NEMA Standard XR-29 Compliance Reading Guide

Medical Device Excise Tax Update 2016

How Much Does It Cost to Lease a Hologic Selenia?

Senographe 2000D vs Senographe DS vs Senographe Essential

RSNA 2015: Day Five Recap

RSNA 2015: Day Four Recap

RSNA 2015: Day Three Recap

RSNA 2015: Day Two Recap

RSNA 2015: Day One Recap

How to Prepare for Your C-Arm's Arrival

5 Must-See Presentations at RSNA 2015

Medical Imaging Equipment Delivery: What to Expect

3 Advantages to Having a Motor-Driven OEC 9800

Preparing for your Nuclear Camera Removal

Preparing for the RSNA Annual Meeting in Chicago

Digital Mammography Inspection and Handling

Tethered Digital X-Ray Upgrades: What's Included?

Are Preventative Maintenance Visits Required?

Cath Lab Info Video Collection: Top Picks

Mammography System Removal: How to Prepare, What to Expect

Medical Equipment Installation: What to Expect Post-Install

CT Scanner Low Dose: How AEC Results in Dose Reduction

The Fastest Way to Order Imaging Equipment Parts

MRI Info Video Collection: Top Picks

3 Questions to Find Your Best PACS Solution

GE Discovery IGS 730 vs. GE Innova IGS 530

IR vs. AEC: CT Dose Reduction Tools Compared

OEC 9800 vs. OEC Brivo: C-Arm Comparison

CR Reader vs. DR Panel: Speed Updating

OEC 9800 Video Tutorial Library

OEC 9900 C-Arm Features Overview [VIDEO]

How to Get the Right X-Ray Tube for Your GE R/F Room

Inside a Fixed DR Panel Installation [VIDEO]

Which Cath Angio Lab Image Intensifier Size Do I Need?

Four Reasons Section 179 Tax Savings Still Matter in 2015

Building a Better Imaging Parts Experience [VIDEO]

Mobile C-Arms vs. Cysto Urology Systems

How to Find the Grid Lines on Your GE Proteus Rad Room

How Much Does Bloodborne Pathogens Training Cost?

CR Reader vs. DR Panel: Meet the Team [VIDEO]

C-Arm Project Planning Checklist

Hitachi Airis Elite vs. GE Ovation: Open MRI Compared

Stereotactic Biopsy Table Price Cost Guide

The True Cost of XR-29 Non-Compliance

The Problem with Radiation Safety Training

Is DEXA Right for You? Reimbursement, ROI, and Rental

Advantages of Wireless DR Panels for R/F Rooms

Siemens Scope 16-Slice CT vs. Neusoft NeuViz 16 CT

Advantages of Wireless DR Panels for Portable X-Ray

OEC C-Arm Flat Screen Monitor Upgrades: Bridging the 9800/9900 Gap

Considering Cardiac CTA? Consider These 3 Things First

Medtronic O-Arm or Siemens Orbic 3D?

Digital X-Ray Upgrade Features Guide

C-Arm Size Comparison Guide

ISCT Symposium 2015 Recap

Imaging Equipment Service Trends: Where Is the Industry Heading?

CR Reader vs. DR Panel: Race Against the Clock [VIDEO]

XR 29: NEMA White Paper Clarifies Aftermarket Add-ons, RDSR, and More

Imaging Equipment Site Drawings: The First Step to Installation Success

Wireless DR Panel Ownership: The 'What Ifs?'

Imaging Equipment Service: Cost vs. Quality

NEMA Standard XR-29 for CT: A Guide to Checking Your System

Why Radiation Safety Training?

Digital X-Ray Panel Upgrades: A Case Study

R/F Room Price Cost Info [2017 Update]

Imaging Equipment Service Records: Big Money in a Few Pages

Buying a Used C-Arm: The Top 5 Items You May Be Overlooking

DR Panel Pixel Pitch: What Is It and How Important Is It?

GE MRI Scanner Cost Price Info

GE EXCITE HDxt 1.5T MRI Lease Price Guide

The ONE Question Diagnostic Imaging Buyers Should Be Asking

Wireless Digital X-Ray Upgrade: Field Demonstration

Why Is My R/F Room Tape Measure off by 12 in?

Replace Your CR? Or Upgrade to Digital X-Ray?

Breast Density Reporting: Nationwide Soon?

RF Generator Reimbursements and ROI

Time & Materials Imaging Equipment Service: Manage Your Risk Strategically

FDA Issues GE MRI Machine Recall

Radiofrequency Generator Price Cost Guide

CMS Update: Transitioning from Analog X-Ray to Digital X-Ray

OEC 9800 DICOM Troubleshooting Guide

Best Orthopedic Radiology Resources for Orthopedic Practice Managers

Analog to Digital X-Ray: Easy Upgrade Demo [video]

Which OEC C-Arms Have DICOM?

OEC 9900 Boot-Up Errors: Top Troubleshooting Tip

How to Adjust the Steering on an OEC 9800 C-Arm

Siemens Symphony RFPA: Lifespan and Cost Info

How to Delete Patient Data on an OEC 9900 C-Arm

Holiday Video Greeting 2014

OEC 9900 Hardware and Software Options

RSNA 2014: Day Five Recap

RSNA 2014: Day Four Recap

RSNA 2014: Day Three Recap

RSNA 2014: Day Two Recap

RSNA 2014: Day One Recap

What's Hot for C-Arms at RSNA 2014?

GE AMX IV Plus vs. Source-Ray SR130: Portable X-Ray Comparison

RSNA 2014 Preview

Breast Biopsy Reimbursements on the Rise

Used GE 450w MRI Scanners: When Will They Be Available?

Medical Device Excise Tax: What the 2014 Elections Mean

XR-29 CT Only Affects Medicare Outpatients in Hospitals and Clinics

The State of Imaging Equipment Service Report

Philips Brilliance 64 CT Scanner System Review

CT Scanner Service Success Story

What Equipment Do I Need for CT Fluoroscopy?

How to Find Late-Model or Rare MRI Scanners

Hologic DEXA: Shutting Down Safely

Turning Used CT Scanners into Refurbished CT Scanners [VIDEO]

3D C-Arm Comparison: Siemens Iso-C vs. Orbic 3D

The Best II Size for Orthopedics

Hologic DEXA: Getting Started

C-Arm Service Cost Comparison: OEC vs. Philips

New Requirements for Low-Field MRI Reimbursements

OEC 9600 C-Arm Basic Demo [VIDEO]

GE Excite II 1.5T MRI Lease Price Guide

Hologic DEXA: Troubleshooting X-Ray Control Interrupt

How to Change Monitors on an OEC 9800 C-Arm

Why Upgrade Your R/F Room?

HealthTrust University Recap

OEC 9800 C-Arm Basic Demo [VIDEO]

Turning Used Stereotactic Tables into Refurbished Stereotactic Tables

HR 4457: Tax Savings Pending for Imaging Equipment Purchase

Is My CT Scanner XR-29 Compliant?

Does Your Facility Need Iterative Reconstruction?

Why Refurbished Imaging Equipment?

What to Expect During an R/F Room Removal

How Much Does It Cost to Lease a Siemens Symphony 1.5T MRI?

CT Simulation Equipment Features

What to Expect During Your X-Ray Machine Project

OEC 9900 C-Arm Basic Demo [VIDEO]

Mammotome Revolve Breast Biopsy Product Review

GE Lightspeed Ultra 8-Slice vs. Brightspeed Edge 8-Slice

Do I Need a C-Arm or a Cath Lab?

Can I Reuse My MRI Shielding?

Prone Biopsy Table Site Planning

How to Connect an OEC 9800 to PACS

Philips Brilliance CT Scanner Price Cost Guide

What to Expect During Your MRI Scanner Project

Digital Mammography System Rentals: Benefits and Pricing

How Much Does It Cost to Lease a Siemens Espree MRI?

GE Innova 2000 Cath Lab Features [VIDEO]

PET/CT Scan Times and Patient Throughput

AEC Systems for GE CT Scanners: AutomA vs. SmartmA

OEC 9800 Vascular vs. Siemens Arcadis Avantic C-Arms

Before You Buy a CT Scanner in Africa...

Radiology Reimbursement Calculator: Estimate your Imaging Revenue

How Much Does It Cost to Lease a GE 1.5T LX MRI?

2014 Joint Commission Standards: CT, Nuclear, PET, MRI

How to Print Multiple Images on a Sony UP980 C-Arm Printer

Philips CT and PET/CT Production Suspended: Market Implications

What to Expect During Your CT Scanner Project

OEC 9800 Image Swap Settings

MD Expo Las Vegas 2014 Recap

OEC Urology: Your Options Now

How to Connect an OEC 9900 C-Arm to PACS

'Why Is an MRI so Loud?' And Other Questions from the Bore

Nuclear Camera Site Preparation

Neusoft CT Scanners: Try Before You Buy

Your GE MRI Machine is Worth...

ONI Extremity MRI Comparison: OrthOne 1.0T vs. MSK Extreme 1.0T

R/F Room Rentals: Benefits and Pricing

Siemens CIOS Alpha Now Available to US: What You Can Expect

OEC 9600 Hardware and Software Options

Radiation Dose Reduction Hardware: Inside Neusoft's Low-Dose CT Detector

CT Coronary Angiography: Why Do I Need a 64-Slice CT Scanner?

Siemens C-Arm 'Operating System Not Found' Solutions

Selling Your Hologic Selenia Digital Mammography System

OEC 9800 Hardware and Software Options

Where do Neusoft CT Scanner Parts Come From?

OEC 9800 C-Arm vs OEC 9600 C-Arm

Urgent Care X-Ray Equipment Package Bundles

4 Ways HealthTrust Members Benefit From Refurbished Imaging Equipment

How Does the Helium Shortage Affect My MRI Service Costs?

Selling Your GE Digital Mammography System

C-Arm Radiation Safety 101

Arab Health 2014 Recap

Correcting CT Scanner Artifacts: Streak Artifacts

GE Legacy R/F Room Features

Does an Extremity MRI Need RF Shielding?

How to Rotate a GE 2000D Mammo Gantry Without Power

3 Predictions for the Medical Imaging Parts Industry in 2014

Must-Have Accessories for Cardiac CT Scanners

Refurbished Cardiac CT Scanners Soften CMS Reimbursement Cuts

A Review of the Best Medical Imaging Parts Companies in the US

Refurbished Bariatric Surgery Equipment: Our Top Picks

Flat Detector C-Arms: Top Questions Answered

CR Wars Episode II: AGFA 85X vs. Fuji XG5000

Pain Management C-Arm Selection Made Easy

MRI Preventative Maintenance: 4 Points to Consider

Shipping your X-Ray Tube Safely

3 Reasons to Buy a Refurbished GE Advantx RF with Infimed Upgrade

How to Enable Cine Playback on an OEC 9800 C-Arm

What Prorated Glassware Coverage Means for You

How Much Can I Save with a Refurbished Cath Lab?

Which Extremity MRI Is Right for Me?

Philips Argus Recall: Next Steps for Owners

CR Wars Episode I: Konica Regius 190 vs. Fuji Carbon XL-2

Common C-Arm Battery Problems and Solutions

Do I Need a Certificate of Need?

Is an Extremity MRI Right for Me?

Used Rad Rooms vs. New Rad Rooms: A Question of Value

3 Reasons to Buy a Refurbished GE Precision 500D R/F Room

How to Install an OEC 9800 C-Arm

Rad Tech Week Ideas

How to Choose a Veterinary CT Scanner That's Best for You

Why Buy a Used GE EXCITE HD MRI?

Cath Lab Tube Market Overview 2013

MD Expo 2013 Review and Recap

Which FPS Rate Is Best for Vascular C-Arms?

3 Reasons to Buy an 8-Channel Siemens Symphony MRI

Siemens C-Arms Compared: Compact L vs. Arcadis Varic

2 CT Scanner Partnerships Improving Patient Care

Block Imaging Unveils New Logo

Federal Helium Reserve to Remain Open

Considering a Used Hologic Selenia? Read this First

How Much Is My GE Nuclear Camera Worth?

C-Arm Table Movements 1-5: What Do They Mean?

Used GE MRI for Sale? Read This Before You Sell

Preparing for Your Digital Mammography Project

Why Block Imaging?

TriMedx Golf Outing Supports Hospitals in Need

Finding the 'Right' Serial Tag on Your Medical Imaging Equipment

If Varian Acquires Dunlee

Upgrade to Digital X-Ray with 3 Questions

Preparing for Your Bone Densitometer Installation

Top X-Ray Machine Articles

GE Digital Mammography: 4 Things to Ask Before You Buy

Final Image Save for GE Advantx Legacy R/F

C-Arm Image Storage and Transfer Options

2013 CT Scanner Market Report

Turning Used X-Ray Equipment Into Refurbished X-Ray Equipment

BC Technical Acquires C&G Technologies

Digital Cath Lab Comparison: Cardiac and Peripheral

How to Diagnose X-Ray Switch Errors for OEC C-Arms

Medicapture for C-Arm Image Transfer

Digital Mammography Detectors Compared: Cesium Iodide vs. Selenium

Lorad MultiCare Stereotactic Tables Compared

Siemens Mammomat Novation Detector Error Codes? Try These Steps

MRI Scanner Boot-up Issues? Try This

How to Choose the Best Imaging Equipment Service Provider

DR Mammography vs CR Mammography [Ontario Health System Example]

Why GE Lunar iDXA Bone Densitometer?

Top Mammography Machine Articles

Block Imaging Joins Hawk Island Triathlon: Recap and Photos

Benefits of Digital Radiography

Hologic 3D Mammography: Pros and Cons of New FDA-Approved Software

Lending a Hand in Oklahoma's Tornado Recovery

GE Definium 5000 vs. Definium 8000 Digital X-Ray Rooms

3 CT Scanner Maintenance Tips to Easily Increase Uptime

Infimed i5 Digital Upgrade for GE Advantx R/F Rooms

Health Connect Partners 2013 Recap and Pictures

Neuviz 64 Series CT Scanners Compared

Turning Used R/F Rooms into Refurbished R/F Rooms

4 Ways to Make Selling Used Imaging Equipment Easy

Neuviz 16 CT Scanner vs. LightSpeed 16 CT Scanner

How to Recycle Your Used Bone Densitometer

OEC 9800 MD: Pros and Cons

Pain Management Clinic Image Transfer Options

How to Choose the Best Imaging Manufacturer for Your Facility

Block Imaging International Moves to Holt, Michigan

GE LC Cath Lab Price Cost Guide

GE 2000D Digital Mammography: 4 Questions to Ask Before You Buy

Imaging Equipment Service: Why Do I Need Coverage?

Medical Imaging Parts Vendor: An Inside Look at Block Imaging

Orthopedic MRI: Which Gradient Slew Rate is Best?

CT Scanner Imports: A Lesson Learned The Hard Way

Digital Mammography Detector Care

Imaging Equipment Project Management: System Logistics Simplified

6 Steps to Sell Your GE Lunar Prodigy Bone Densitometer

Rigging Your Cath Lab for Installation

How to Restore Water Pressure on Philips Brilliance CT Scanners

Wheelchair Donations: Finding a Charity near You

C-Arm Monitors: Two OEC 9800 CRT Monitor Types

Digital Upgrades for GE AMX IV Portable X-Ray

The CT Scanner [A Silent Film]

OEC 6800 Mini C-Arms: MiniView CP vs. MiniView HP

How to Sell Your GE 2000D Digital Mammo

Refurbished CT Scanners: Professional Finish

State Radiological and Health Department Links

OEC 9800 Monitor Tip: How to Change the Screensaver Interval [Video]

Top MRI Machine Articles

Bone Density Equipment Can Still Be Profitable

Accountable Care Organizations 101

PET/CT Acronyms and Phrases Defined

DR Plates Compared: CCD Array, Indirect Flat Panel, Direct Flat Panel

BC Technical Acquires Genesis Medical Imaging

Imaging Equipment Demos: What’s Involved?

A Holiday Video Greeting from Block Imaging!

An Inside Look at Block Imaging’s 2012

MRI Machine Valuations: The 4 Most Important Questions to Answer

4 Imaging Equipment Quality Assurance Questions and Answers

Best CT Scanner Articles

Surgical C-Arm Rental Shipping Costs

3 Tips to Simplify Imaging Equipment ISO State Registrations

How to Choose the Best CT Scanner Service Provider

C-Arm Acronyms and Phrases Defined

RSNA 2012 Pictures

Third-Party Imaging Equipment Service: 2 Myths Busted

Section 179 Deductions for Imaging Equipment Changing Soon!

Top 17 C-Arm Machine Articles

Tips for Ensuring Proper Imaging Equipment Maintenance

A Case for Visiting RSNA Chicago

GE Revolution XRD Digital Rad Room Features [Video]

The Jury is out on CAD for Mammography

FMV Services for Imaging Equipment After a Natural Disaster

CT Scanner Acronyms and Phrases Defined

GE Cath Lab Networking 101

Mammography Acronyms and Phrases Defined

Refurbished Imaging Equipment You Can Be Proud Of [Video Tour]

Bone Densitometer Acronyms and Phrases Defined

Happy Halloween from Block Imaging! [Video]

The Alphabet Soup of Radiology

Money-Saving Tips for In-House Clinical Engineering Departments

Why Should I Buy Service Coverage for My C-arm?

How Much Does a PET/CT Scanner Cost? 2012/2013 Update

RF Shielding for MRI Scanners: Two Types Compared

Features of the GE Senographe Essential Digital Mammography System

Installing Your New OEC 9600 SRAM Card

Budgeting Your MRI Coil Upgrade

Digital Mammography: My First Experience

2012 Federal Tax Incentives on Medical Imaging Equipment Purchases

MRI Scanner Shielding Preparations

Should I Buy New Glassware for My Refurbished C-Arm?

OEC 9800 C-Arm Features

GE HiSpeed NX/i vs. GE HiSpeed CT/e: Dual-Slice CT Scanners Compared

A Look at the GE Innova 4100 Cath/Angio Suite

Four Things to Know BEFORE You Choose a Mobile PET/CT

3 Ways to Grow Your In-House Clinical Engineering Department

Features of the Hologic Discovery A Bone Densitometer

Block Imaging Joins Sparrow’s Women Working Wonders 5k/8k/0k

MORE Questions to Ask BEFORE You Buy a Used CT Scanner

Relevant Imaging Equipment Questions and Answers

Common Imaging Equipment Service Issues Due to Poor Site Preparation

AGFA CR 25 'How To' Videos

Top 3 Reasons to Attend the CEAI Annual Conference

Vendor Credentialing for Medical Imaging Equipment Service Providers

Six Steps to Sell Your Hologic Bone Densitometer

Three Essential Steps for Buying Used Medical Imaging Equipment

Performing a Daily QC Test on a Hologic Discovery Bone Densitometer

Decoding OEC C-Arm Serial Numbers

3 Types of Used X-ray Tubes

OEC 9800 Cardiac C-Arms vs. OEC 9800 Neurovascular C-Arms

GE Innova Comparison: How is the new Innova IQ different?

How to Tell the Difference Between Philips CT Scanners

How Refurbished Imaging Equipment Can Help Hospital Capital Budgets

Medicare CR 7502, Reimbursement, & the Imaging Equipment Market

Imaging Equipment Installation Dos and Don’ts

OEC C-Arm Image Intensifier Comparison

MRI Helium Shortage Questions and Answers

5 Things to Ask Before Signing an Imaging Equipment Service Contract

3 Common OEC Laser Aimer Failures and Solutions

Choosing the Best CR System Based on Throughput

Stereotactic Biopsy Table Review: Where Did Fischer Mammotest Go?

Imaging Equipment Warranties: Extended Service Warranty vs. First Scan

Siemens Biograph Duo PET/CT Review

GE CT Scanners: HiSpeed CT/e Dual vs. ProSpeed FII

What’s Happening with CT Scanner Pricing?

Dr. Steven Shephard: Delivering Health & Hope to the People of Nigeria

GE Advantx RF Room Comparison

The Affordable Care Act and the Medical Imaging Equipment Market

What Is a First Scan Warranty for Imaging Equipment?

GE Discovery PET/CT Scanners Compared

What California Senate Bill 1237 Means for CT Scan Providers

How to Choose the Best Fluoroscopy Equipment for Your Surgery Center

Planning a CT Scanner Relocation? Be Sure You Have These

3 Medical Imaging Equipment Accessories You NEED to Keep Handy

Digital X-ray Rooms: What to Ask Before You Buy

Clearing the OEC 9800 Overload Fault Error

Mini C-Arms Compared: OEC 6600 vs. OEC 6800

MRI Maintenance: How to Beat the MRI Helium Shortage

Comparing OEC 9800 Plus vs OEC 9800 C-Arms

TIMS DICOM System for Speech Pathology

Medical Imaging Equipment Service: OEM vs. ISO [Round 2]

Philips Pulsera C-arms: Three Generations Compared

Health Connect Partners Radiology & Imaging Pictures and Top 5 List

Cath Lab Equipment Comparison: Digital vs. Analog

What to Expect During a CT Scanner Installation

Why Does Block Imaging Blog?

Dear Digital Mammography Provider... You Matter

How to Extend the Life of Your Toshiba Aquilion CT Tube

Best Medical Imaging Equipment Repair Tip… EVER

Be Sure Your Imaging Equipment Independent Service Organization Has…

Where NOT To Buy a Used C-Arm: eBay vs Traditional Vendors

How to Get the Most out of Your PET/CT or PET Scanner

Dear Imaging Equipment Service Engineer... YOU MATTER

HIPAA IT Compliance for Used Imaging Equipment and What NOT To Do

Medical Imaging Equipment Service: OEM vs. ISO

How to Tell if an OEC 9600 C-Arm Has Old-Style or New-Style Steering

4 Reasons MD Expo is Great for Medical Dealers

Medical Imaging Reimbursements: The Impact of the Coming Election

Can a Hospital GPO Save You Money on Refurbished Imaging Equipment?

How the Medical Imaging Industry Has Changed in the Past 3 Years Because of a Struggling Economy

Why GE MRI? The Factors Driving GE’s Hold in the Secondary Market

Do ALL My Employees Need Bloodborne Pathogens Training?

5 C-Arm Acronyms You Need to Know

Bone Densitometry and HIV: What’s the Connection?

OEC 9600 C-Arm Boot-up Problems? Get Your SRAM Checked!

We Agree with GE Healthcare – You Matter

Should Spare Parts Availability Play Into Which C-Arm I Buy?

Which Used C-arm has the Most Power? The Winner is…

C-Arm Decontamination Tips: Is Your C-Arm a Rolling Biohazard?

Relocating Medical Imaging Systems: The Hidden Cost of Upgrading

5 Things to Ask BEFORE Booking Third-Party Medical Equipment Service

For the Best Medical Imaging Equipment Appraisal, You Want to Have These…

GE Innova 2000 vs. Innova 2100... The Monday Night Debate

How to Delete Patient Data from an OEC 9400 C-Arm

3 Tips for Financing Refurbished Medical Imaging Equipment

Dry Imager Comparison: AGFA Drystar Axys vs The Competition

How an Ultrasound Changed the Way I See Things

GE Legacy vs. GE Precision 500D: Two R&F's Enter, One R&F Leaves!

3.5 Key Components of a Great Pain Management C-Arm

Arab Health 2012 Pictures

Selling Used Medical Imaging Equipment? #1 Tip to Get More Money

How to Tell if a Refurbished C-Arm Is Really 'Refurbished'...

Dear Radiology and Imaging Industry... #YouMatter

C-Arm Inspection Guide: How to Demonstrate C-Arm Image Quality

Medical Equipment Service Comparison: Full Service vs. Parts Only

Three Criteria for Choosing the Perfect Refurbished C-Arm

4 Ways We Assist Biomedical Engineers with Equipment Maintenance

Top 5 New Year’s Resolutions for Your Medical Imaging Equipment

Will You Be Able to Get a CardioGen 82 Rubidium Generator in 2012?

Digital Mammography vs Film Mammography

GE Lunar Bone Densitometer Comparison: Lunar Prodigy vs Lunar DPX

5 Reasons We Are Committed to Arab Health and the Middle East Market

AGFA DRYSTAR AXYS Wins Best in Class Dry Imager Award

OEC C-Arms: Not all Refurbished C-Arms Are Created Equal

Medical Equipment Logistics: Working with an Expert Project Manager

UPDATE: Proposed Grace Period for MIPPA Accreditation

Customer Feedback Surveys… Should We Take the Time to Fill Them Out?

Don’t Forget Rad Tech Week!

Will a CR System Save You Money? Here is how to find out...

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