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AGFA Flat Panel Detectors vs. Vieworks Flat Panel Detectors

Posted by Tim Mustapha

Feb 10, 2017 4:45:00 PM

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AGFA vs VieworksWith CMS cuts on the way for CR users, the DR flat panel detector market is picking up like never before. There are a number of panel manufacturers working to fill this need, many with high-quality products, but sometimes having a lot of options can make it even tougher to arrive at a decision.

To help bring some clarity to this decision, we've compared panels from two manufacturers you're sure to hear about as you hit the market: AGFA and Vieworks. Read on to learn more about image quality, functionality, and pricing from both of these leading flat panel providers.

Looking to inform your panel purchase with even more detail? Click here to access our free DR Panel Buyer's Guide.

What's the same?

Physical structure: AGFA and Vieworks panels are virtually identical in construction.

Scintillator: Both panels can come with gadox or cesium scintillators.

Standard panel sizes: AGFA and Vieworks panels are both available in standard 14" x 17" and 17" x 17" sizes.

What's different?

Software suites: AGFA panels use NXMusica software while Vieworks use VXVue.

AP mode: Vieworks panels have an AP mode which allows them to communicate directly with their workstation without needing to transmit through a control box. This feature is especially helpful at small to mid-sized facilities where traffic levels may allow for a panel to be shared between a fixed room and a portable X-ray system.

"Bonus" panel size: Vieworks panels are available in a third size as well- 10" x 12" for pediatrics.

Price: Currently, AGFA panels average about 20% more in price than Vieworks panels.

Where AGFA Flat Panel DR Detectors Win

Image quality: AGFA's Musica 2 and Musica 3 software platforms produce a slightly crisper image than VXVue.

Where Vieworks Flat Panel DR Detectors Win

Functionality/Flexibility: The presence of AP mode on their panels gives Vieworks a functional edge when panels are traveling around a site or being shared between systems. In addition, anecdotally, we've heard in conversations with buyers who have sampled both NXMusica and VXVue software that they found the latter interface more "user-friendly".

Price: Twenty percent in this price bracket give Vieworks a cost advantage somewhere between $7,000 and $10,000.

How much do DR panels really cost? Access the DR flat panel detector price guide here. 

The Takeaway

If the absolute best image quality is your primary concern, the AGFA panel carries a small advantage in that regard. On the other hand, if functionality and image quality occupy more even tiers on your priority list, the flexibility of AP mode on the Vieworks panel make a compelling case for that product as well- especially for facilities that use portable X-ray systems frequently. If pricing is the make-or-break consideration for you, Vieworks wins the day in that regard by an average of 20%.

If you'd like to get a look at an AGFA or Vieworks panel in person, contact us to schedule a free on-site demo at your facility.

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Written by Tim Mustapha

author of blog post

Topics: X-Ray

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