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Do Aftermarket Add-Ons Provide NEMA XR-29 Compliance for CT?

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Since its introduction in 2013, XR-29 has been a source of confusion for CT buyers and providers alike. For facilities operating under tighter budget constraints, the prospect of replacing their CT equipment has also been a source of financial concern. Much effort and many resources have been poured into finding/developing affordable ways for imaging facilities to achieve compliance without the capital expenditure of a brand-new, late-model CT scanner or, depending on who the equipment’s original manufacturer is, a costly compliance upgrade.

What NEMA Has to Say

Over the past 2 years, a number of aftermarket add-ons have been developed in efforts to retrofit existing CT systems into compliance. That being said, through extensive conversations with NEMA we have a clear and definitive determination that, at present, there is no comprehensive third-party solution that fully satisfies the compliance definitions of NEMA XR-29.

The Takeaway

While it's important to acknowledge that the equipment features laid out in XR-29 move the installed CT base of the United States toward greater patient safety, we also acknowledge that components of the standard create a financial burden that will be a greater challenge for smaller institutions or rural hospitals to bear.

Unless a change happens through NEMA, the FDA, or CMS, compliance will still require that a system receive an upgrade that only the manufacturer can supply (some of which carry a hefty price tag) or that a factory-born compliant system be purchased. If your facility has not yet made a final compliance decision, Block Imaging can help make the road to compliance more affordable with refurbished, compliant systems or brand-new scanners from Neusoft that include all four XR-29 requirements. Send your questions via email to XR29@blockimaging.com and our XR-29 specialist will be in touch. If you prefer to continue researching on your own, use the button below to see our guide to more essential XR-29 reading.

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