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Advantages of Wireless DR Panels for R/F Rooms

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We've had a lot to say in recent months about the benefits of upgrading analog rad rooms to digital rad rooms with wireless DR panels. We've talked about saving money, time, and space. We've talked about improving images and serving patients better. What we haven't talked about, is using DR panels to upgrade R/F rooms. As anyone with one of these systems knows, half of any R/F room is a rad room and, in most cases, these rad rooms are analog. This means that they are perfectly suited to going digital with a wireless panel.

If you've missed out on the discussion because you weren't surfing rad room articles to learn about how to improve your R/F experience, take a look at the video below to see a DR panel in action on an R/F room (GE Precision 500D).

DR Panel with R/F Room: Time Savings

Now that you've seen it with your own eyes, you might be curious to learn a little more about the technical, service, and cost advantages that come along with going digital.To that end, you can check out any of these other resources for additional information on how a panel can improve the R/F experience for patients, doctors, and techs:

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If you're ready to talk over the particulars of your individual situation, we're ready to help you pick a DR panel that will let you bring these advantages home to your facility. Contact us here to start a conversation.