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Advantages of Wireless DR Panels for Portable X-Ray

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When it comes to workhorse equipment, you don't get much more durable and reliable than the portable X-ray machine. As a refurbisher of these systems, we get a closer look than most at the wear, tear, and downright abuse these systems can endure while continuing to provide quality diagnostic images.

Because of this durability and because of refurbishment, we're able to extend the lives of portable X-ray units and keep them in service, often longer than any other type of imaging system. Now, we can take the revitalizing effect of refurbishment a step further by enabling analog portable units with digital imaging technology via wireless DR panel upgrades.

Going digital offers users a number of benefits which, as the title of this blog promises, we'll get to in a minute. For starters, however, take a look at the video below to see what the upgrade kit looks like and what is included with it.


Using a DR Panel to Make Your Portable X-Ray Fully Digital

Improved Image Quality and Dose

Recent developments in technology have improved image quality for DR panels. Cesium Iodide (CsI) panels not only lend images greater clarity, but also acquire them with a lower dose than images that are acquired using a CR cassette.  

Workflow Efficiency

After loading the morning's worklist from the HIS or RIS, a rad tech only needs the wireless panel and the laptop workstation. The panel is cassette-sized so it can travel in the existing cabinet found on many portable X-ray models. A simple mounting bracket will secure the laptop workstation to the top of the portable unit.

A wireless panel allows the flexibility to complete any bedside study. After X-ray is fired, a preview of the image is on the workstation in 3 seconds. If there is a need to retake the image the decision to do so can be made before leaving the patient’s room. After the worklist is completed the tech can return to their desk to complete the necessary annotations. The workstation will communicate the completed studies to the facility's PACS for radiologist review and storage.

Patient Experience

The efficiency of a DR panel can significantly impact the experience a patient will have. It does this by speeding up the imaging process and slowing down the tech's busy day.

Sometimes specific studies require the patient to hold positions that are uncomfortable. For someone who is already in pain or a weakened condition, this can be more difficult that it may seem. With the ability to capture images in seconds, these requirements are minimized

Patients often have questions about their care. With the time a tech can reclaim through seconds-fast image processing, they can also spend a little extra time with patients. They can more thoroughly describe the studies that have been ordered and how they will be taken. With increased efficiency, a crowded worklist becomes more manageable and the resulting patient experience can improve.

The Takeaway

If your facility has a good ol' portable that's seen better days or is having a little trouble keeping up with your worklist, you may be tempted to replace it altogether. Before you make that investment, though, consider adding new life to your existing system with a wireless DR panel upgrade.

If you're ready to start the conversation about upgrading at your facility, we're ready to help. Contact us here to speak with an X-Ray Product Specialist.


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