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Advantages of Stream FD Digital Detector Upgrades for OEC 9800 or 9900

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The OEC 9800 is the best-selling C-arm of all time, and for a good reason- its long-lasting reliability has proven itself over and over in even the most demanding settings. Now, this workhorse favorite can be made even better, marrying reliability with next-gen digital technology and, ultimately, extending the life of your 9800. We call it Stream FD, a digital detector upgrade that replaces your 9800 or 9900's image intensifier.

Stream FD offers a number of advantages for OEC 9800 or 9900 users who upgrade. Below is a look into those advantages and how you can bring them into your facility.

Improving Your C-Arm with a Stream FD Upgrade

Increased Image Quality

A digital detector upgrade increases image quality across all parameters. Improvements over II-based imaging include:

  • No loss of image quality from center to edge
  • Elimination of re-centering (which increases workflow)
  • Up to 4X the image contrast
  • Up to 10X the dynamic range
  • Digital processing removes smearing
  • Distortion free at all magnification levels
  • No loss of image gain over time

Increased Resolution

Another benefit that comes with a detector is a dramatic increase in image resolution. This increase eliminates geometric distortion, reduces image noise, and increases contrast by orders of magnitude. (note: to enjoy this benefit, monitors should also be upgraded from original CRT to flat LED/LCD)


Radiation Dose Reduction

The list of advantages goes on to include a reduction in overall radiation dose for C-arms that switch from an II to a detector. This is accomplished by shortening fluoro times and eliminating the need for higher doses when zooming. Better images for less radiation- a win all around!

No Geometric Distortion

Because the Stream FD digital detector eliminates the convex glass inside the old image intensifier, it eliminates geometric distortion too. 100% of the image window is accurately resolved.

No Image Degradation

Inside every image intensifier is a coated surface, called the phosphor layer, that intercepts the X-ray photons coming from your tube. Over time, the phosphor layer will begin to wear out and the quality of the images it produces will wear down along with it. This is not a concern with a digital detector, as there is no phosphor layer.

Lower Cost than a New FD C-Arm

If you don't already own an OEC 9800, acquiring one with a Stream FD upgrade costs about $70,000 less than a new FD system from the OEM. These up-front savings become even more compelling when you consider them alongside the overall cost of ownership for these two systems.

Annual service coverage for many brand-new FD C-arms ranges in the mid $20,000 range. Additionally, some OEMs require rotating USB service keys or a special proprietary keyboard that only they can provide.

Meanwhile, the 9800 and 9900, even after receiving a Stream FD upgrade, continue to use the same native software and service features they always have, leaving them open to third-party service and saving users more than half of the cost of OEM service.

Individual pricing may vary, but here are some average service prices to illustrate the savings over time:


The Takeaway

Choosing a Stream FD upgrade for your OEC 9800 or 9900 gives your facility the opportunity to step forward a generation of technology at a significant savings, both in purchase costs and ongoing service. Image quality, radiation dose, and the overall longevity of your C-arm can all be improved without taking on unnecessary expense. 

If you're interested in harnessing the advantages of a digital upgrade for your OEC C-arm, we're ready to help make it happen. Contact us via email or phone to start the conversation. You can also view our online brochure for more details and photos or see more in the Stream FD video below.

A First Look at Stream FD Detector Upgrades