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A Review of the Best Medical Imaging Parts Companies in the US

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For years, Block Imaging has helped health care providers around the world extend the life of their imaging equipment by providing quality medical imaging parts for all modalities. Biomeds, imaging equipment service engineers, and parts buyers seek our help when they need reliable replacement parts and technical support for imaging equipment repairs. 

That being said, our customers also appreciate that we’re straight shooters when we aren’t the best vendor to help with their particular imaging part request. They also trust us enough to ask who some of the other top medical imaging parts companies are when, on occasion, we don’t have the part they need in stock. 

So, instead of leaving our favorite customers hanging, we figured we’d cut to the chase and let you know a little bit about some of the other vendors who might be able to help in those situations.


It's safe to say that more 3rd-party imaging parts are being sold through PS than any other company. Based in Aurora, OH, their model is to find the part you need from other companies that maintain stock. It has been a very successful model, with web tools to make it easy to buy parts that they source from most other parts companies in the industry. 


Now owned by Aramark, Remedpar started the "modern age" of imaging parts companies. They originally specialized in GE parts but later expanded to other manufacturers and service training before being acquired by Aramark. The organization is in the midst of transitioning their headquarters from Tennessee to North Carolina where the primary focus will be on supporting the internal needs of Aramark service. We believe Remedpar will also continue to supply quality parts to the 3rd-party market. 


Born out of former leaders of Remedpar and purchased by Philips in 2011, Allparts continues to supply replacement parts to hospitals in addition to meeting the internal needs of Philips Multi-Vendor Service. 


So, there you have it- 3 medical imaging parts companies to consider when researching and getting quotes for replacement parts for all modalities of imaging equipment. As always, if you have any questions or comments, please let us know. 

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