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A Car Wreck, the Slippery Slope & Medical Imaging Equipment Industry

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josh block car wreckWhat a way to start the day. As I got ready to take my daughter to preschool, I zipped out to grab a gallon of milk before my son woke up. As I hum in my head and throw the car in reverse, I back out into the street and... crash! Really? Good morning and happy Friday. 

I get out to survey the damage and you would’ve thought I was backing out of my driveway at 35 mph. The door of the neighbor's Trailblazer now looked like an accordion and my rear bumper was mangled. 

The Slippery Slope of Blame

So after leaving a note with my information, I continued on to the convenience store. My mind started to spin. “We’re new to Lansing and the area… I know people occasionally park on the street but is it legal? What about right behind my driveway?” Certainly the neighbor is to blame for this. 

After returning with the jug of milk, I told my wife what I had done and she asked if the reverse sensors beeped? I said “no”. Certainly General Motors is to blame for this. 

So after loading up my daughter to head to preschool, my heart started to recognize what my mind was “subtly” doing. Wait a minute. This wasn’t my neighbor or General Motor’s fault. It wasn’t anyone else’s fault… but mine. It was my fault. Entirely. No one else to blame but me with a deductible missing from my pocket.

So Why Share This on the Block Imaging Blog? 

In our industry, this happens every day. We buy and sell systems, parts, inspect equipment and provide a whole host of services from Project Management to Refurbishment and on-site equipment repair. 

Just last week we completed a third service call to repair a system that at the end of the day was malfunctioning due to a lack of necessary power to the customer’s building. Bummer, huh? 

We as a company are committed to recognizing when we're at fault, communicating and resolving situations quickly. Though it can bruise the ego and be expensive in both time and money, our aim is to treat others as we’d like to be treated. Period.

How about you? Share a story below about a time where your organization or someone you’re associated with has done or hasn’t done this well!

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