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 Your Guide to Medical Imaging Equipment

Enjoy these tips, tricks and insights that answer 100's of questions we've received from radiology and imaging professionals that need help buying, selling, servicing and maintaining their medical imaging equipment: MRI, CT, C-Arm, Digital X-ray, PET/CT and Women's Health. We extend the life of imaging equipment so that healthcare providers worldwide can extend the lives of patients. This is why we answer your imaging equipment questions.

~ Block Imaging Team

OEC C-Arm Power Requirements

Posted by Jordan Schneider

Feb 23, 2017 2:23:51 PM

When we talk to buyers looking into their first C-arm purchase, we're commonly asked questions about the power requirements of the equipment. For a first time buyer, this makes perfect sense- no one wants to have a significant capital investment arrive on their doorstep and not be able to use it.

To help clear this question up, we gathered electrical spec for the six most common OEC C-arm systems we offer:

  • OEC 6600
  • OEC 6800
  • OEC 8800
  • OEC 9600
  • OEC 9800
  • OEC 9900
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OEC 9600 SRAM: Is There a Substitute?

Posted by Tim Totten

Feb 20, 2017 9:24:58 AM

Problems with your OEC 9600's SRAM card and SRAM backup battery can leave your C-arm stalled at boot-up and stricken with the dreaded "Checksum" error- or worse yet: the never-ending rotating "arrows". When this happens, people want to find a solution that is both inexpensive and readily and quickly available- and we certainly don't blame them. 

As an independent provider of imaging equipment parts and service, we're well aware that after-market, third-party, or non-standard parts can frequently offer comparable performance to their OEM-standard counterparts at a more affordable price point. In some cases, however, as Marvin Gaye once sang, there "ain't nothing like the real thing." In response to the title question, which we were asked recently, we'd like to clarify how this plays out in the case of the OEC 9600 SRAM card.

Need an SRAM card? Click here to request one.

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Topics: Imaging Equipment Service, C-Arm, Parts & Service

How Many Digital Radiography Panels Do I Need for My Upgrade?

Posted by Tim Mustapha

Feb 17, 2017 11:49:17 AM

Every day, our team talks with people who are looking to upgrade their analog X-ray equipment to digital, affordably. For smaller hospitals, clinics, urgent care centers, and private practices of all kinds, the conversation almost always turns to pairing flat panel digital radiography detectors with existing analog X-ray systems.

Once DR panels are on the table, one of the next things people ask is, "How many panels do I need to take my entire X-ray setup digital?" There is more than one way to answer that question so- to help those of you who are upgrading consider the process from all angles- we'll break them down below.

Know how many panels you need? Click here to get a quote.

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Why Rent a Mobile Cath/Angio Lab?

Posted by Kenn Dextrom

Feb 16, 2017 2:34:47 PM

It's relatively common in the medical imaging community to rent mobile imaging equipment. CT scanners, MRI machines, and PET scanners are all modalities that are often seen installed in trailers and moved between facilities. A modality that gets less attention in this space is mobile cath/angio labs.

If you're considering adding or upgrading cath/angio capabilities at your facility, there are a number of reasons why renting a mobile first- maybe even indefinitely- could be a winning option for you. Keep reading to find out four reasons to rent a mobile cath lab, which systems you're most likely to find in  mobile trailers, and how much you can expect to pay to rent a mobile cath lab.

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Topics: Cath/Angio, Imaging Equipment Rental

AGFA Flat Panel Detectors vs. Vieworks Flat Panel Detectors

Posted by Tim Mustapha

Feb 10, 2017 4:45:00 PM

With CMS cuts on the way for CR users, the DR flat panel detector market is picking up like never before. There are a number of panel manufacturers working to fill this need, many with high-quality products, but sometimes having a lot of options can make it even tougher to arrive at a decision.

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Cone Beam CT vs. Traditional CT

Posted by David Harns

Feb 9, 2017 4:23:00 PM

When you think of CT scanners, you usually think of the GE Lightspeed, the Philips Brilliance, the Siemens Sensation, or the Toshiba Aquilion. You think 4-slice, 16-slice, or 64-slice. You think of large machines taking up an entire room and scanning patients from head to toe as they lie on a table.

Now, however, CT is much more than that. We're going to break down the differences in technology and applications between the CT scanners you generally think of and the more specialized cone beam CT (CBCT).

Looking for a quote on a cone beam CT scanner? Click here to tell us your preferences and get pricing.

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Wide Bore MRI Machine Comparison

Posted by Steve Rentz

Feb 8, 2017 4:40:19 PM

Wide bore MRI machines are increasing in popularity and presence for one simple reason: more space means more patient comfort. But, while the quest to make the MRI experience more patient-friendly is as old as the modality itself, most wide bore models are still relatively new. If you're considering purchasing a used MRI machine, this means that there are really only a handful of wide bore systems that have emerged on the secondary market so far.

To help you narrow down your choices as you consider the best wide bore MRI machine for your facility, we've collaborated to bring you some pros, cons, and ballpark pricing for the most common wide bore MRI models available used.

Already have a system in mind? Click here to tell us what you're looking for and get a custom quote.

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Topics: Buying Imaging Equipment, MRI

AMX Portable X-Ray Battery Charge Tips

Posted by Brian Townsend

Feb 3, 2017 11:00:00 AM

It's probably obvious to most people that if something runs on batteries, those batteries need to stay charged to keep that something from shutting down. GE AMX portable X-ray systems are certainly no exception to this, but what may not be so obvious is what else can happen to them if a sufficient charge is not kept on their batteries.

We're going to share with you why you should never run your AMX batteries too low, what the consequences are if you do, and best practices to keep your batteries where they need to be.

Need AMX portable X-ray batteries now? Click here to submit a request.

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MRI Helium Refills and Boil-off Rates: The Top Six Magnets

Posted by Steve Rentz

Feb 2, 2017 9:10:00 AM

Anyone considering the purchase of an MRI machine should know that a healthy cooling system is essential to the maintenance and performance of their magnet. This means, among other things, keeping an eye on your helium level and getting refills at the proper time. Unfortunately, because there are so many different types of magnets in use today, and each of them experiences helium loss (AKA, boil-off) at a different rate, there is no one-size-fits-all prescription for when this needs to happen.

To help those of you comparing magnets and those of you looking to keep your existing magnet healthy, we've compiled helium boil-off rates for the top six magnets on the secondary market. These are the magnet types we see most often as a provider of used/refurbished MRI machines. Also included are a few pointers on refill rates and recommendations.

Need a helium refill for your MRI machine now? Click here to tell our team your MRI service needs.

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Topics: Imaging Equipment Service, MRI, Parts & Service

Dental CT Scanners No Longer Subject to Certificate of Need Regulations in Michigan

Posted by Sarah Christopher

Jan 30, 2017 3:13:28 PM

In June of 2016, Michigan's Certificate of Need Commission voted to remove dental cone-beam CT scanners (CBCT) from their list of regulated items in accordance with Michigan Senate bill 741. The commission found, in agreement with bill sponsor, Senator Rick Jones and petitioning dental professional organizations, that the regulation was hindering practices in effectively diagnosing and treating their patients at a reasonable cost.

Unfamiliar with CBCT? Click here to see how it differs from standard CT systems.

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