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How to Set the Date and Time on a GE Precision 500D

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If you're going to keep accurate patient records, your imaging equipment needs to show the correct date and time on each scan it takes.  Of course, if you've ever tried to reset the clock on your car stereo or program your DVR, you know that, where technology is concerned, seemingly simple tasks can often have more steps than you may anticipate. This is the case for the date and time settings on the Precision 500D R/F room, but we can help.

Below are step-by-step instructions on how to set the date and time on your Precision 500D.



Precision 500D Date and Time Settings



1. Select "Utilities" on the main screen.


2. Select "Service" from the menu on the left and wait for the service user interface (SUIF) to load.


3. Once the SUIF is loaded, select "Config." from the menu across the top.


Date_and_Time.jpg4. Select "General" from the menu on the left.


5. Put your cursor in the "System Clock" field and enter the current date and time.


6. Select "Commit" to save the new date and time setting.


7. Select "Exit SUIF" from the menu across the top.Precision_500D_RCIM-1.jpg


8. Reboot your system from the RCIM.



Need More?

There you have it: The date and time on your Precision 500D need never be incorrect again! If you happen to have any other issues with your system, we can help you with those too. Contact our Service Team to let us know how we can help. If you need replacement parts for your system, you can search and order them online too.