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5 Reasons Why an Imaging Equipment Service Plan Is a Win

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As the industry continues to shift with reimbursement rates, regulation, and patient trends, cash flow can be a rollercoaster ride for imaging centers. Unexpected costs such as medical equipment repairs only add pressure to the ups and downs. This is why covering medical imaging equipment with some type of service plan is valuable, not only to a facility’s bottom line, but also to the peace of mind of its techs, physicians, and administrators.

As a long-time provider of equipment service, we’d like to share with those of you who’ve been carrying the burden of upkeep on your own five reasons signing up for service can save you unplanned cost and many headaches.


Any service provider worth their salt will build their team from knowledgeable & friendly representatives. A quality service team provides an individual focus on the specific needs of those they serve. The Block Service Team, for example, dedicates a single rep to each customer so they can get to know you personally and build an understanding of your equipment’s history.


Operating “at risk”, or without a service plan, opens chances to pay out random, high-cost expenses. Imagine having to suddenly pay a five-figure sum (plus labor) to replace a critical component, versus a stable monthly amount for a service plan. From a budgeting standpoint, a service plan is easy and offers additional major benefits.

Peace of Mind

You’ll be hard-pressed to find more stability than with year-round coverage, a 24/7 service hotline, and a team eager to help. A quality service provider is committed to keep your systems running, while at the same time minimizing frustration. The more time systems are functional, the more they benefit patients and present revenue opportunity.

Time Savings

More and more service providers are finding ways to respond to customer’s needs faster than ever. One case is Block Imaging Service’s “Service Window”. The online platform allows you to see service activities, contract details, immediate case updates via email, service reports, and the financial value of service performed- all without having to call or email anyone.  Resource like these can keep teams informed and organized in maintaining their equipment.

Component Coverage

Medical equipment has components that are incredibly expensive. For example, a proprietary X-ray tube for a CT scanner, without a service plan, could cost a facility $60,000 - $90,000, not including the installation! If these parts must come from the OEM, they cost even more. In many cases, a service contract can pay for itself with just one or two component replacements (tubes, detectors, image intensifiers, etc.).

The Takeaway

From an uptime standpoint, a budgetary standpoint, and a stress level standpoint, we cannot recommend having some kind of service coverage for your equipment highly enough; even if you opt for something more stripped-down, like a PM-only plan. Our team would love to assist you in taking the next step in equipment maintenance. If you're ready to start the conversation, contact us with the button below to tell us how we can help.