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5 Must-See Presentations at RSNA 2015

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RSNA 2015 LobbyEvery year, the program for the RSNA meeting in Chicago is brimming with radiological brain candy - events and talks that cover just about any topic you can think of within the imaging field - and the 2015 edition is no exception. Unfortunately, because RSNA 2015 is only six days and the program is 125 pages long, there is no way anyone can see it all. It is for this reason that we've combed the program and selected five presentations that are sure to be relevant to the issues and realities the entire radiology field is facing right now and in coming years.  

These are topics that transcend both medical specialty and (with only one exception) imaging modality and affect the way equipment is purchased, the way radiologists and department managers build the business end of their work, and, most of all, the experience and quality of care that radiology patients receive. Read on for five talks we'd recommend for anybody invested in radiology today.

Hands-on Introduction to Social Media

Monday/Wednesday, 8:30 - 10:00 am. S401CD

Not that long ago, social media sites were places we visited every couple of days to keep up with family, reconnect with old friends, or post a few pictures of our new baby. Now, social media lives in our pockets, grabs our attention multiple times a day, and plays an increasingly prominent role in the way we interact with the goods and services we consume (the RSNA 2015 official mobile app, for example). In their hands-on workshop, Dr. C. Matthew Hawkins, MD and co-presenters, Drs. Safwan Halabi, Neil U. Lall, and Tirath Y. Patel will show you the basics of using social media platforms to connect with your patient base in ways that inform, educate, and personalize their care.

AAPM/RSNA Basic Physics Lecture for the RT: Image Quality and Patient Dose in CT and Interventional Radiology (IR)

Monday, 1:30 - 2:45 pm, S402AB

If you've seen any of our recent blogs on XR-29, AEC, or iterative reconstruction, you already know that these topics are near and dear to us. It'll come as no surprise then that we're excited about Jerry Thomas' presentation on image quality and patient dose. Mr. Thomas will give you an in-depth look at the relationship between image quality and dose level and the development of dose protocols in CT and IR. The presentation will also offer insight on dose optimization techniques for both of these modalities

Impact of Health Care Reform on Radiology: Intended and Unintended

Wednesday, 8:30 - 10:00 am, S105AB

From "big boy" OEMs like GE, Siemens, and Toshiba, to refurbished equipment providers, to the doctors and techs serving patients every day, health care reform changes the landscape for anyone with ties to the radiology field. Some of these changes were expected and intended, others - not so much. Dr. Lawrence R. Muroff will detail challenges rising from sources like declining reimbursements, non-traditional competition, and alternative payment systems, as well as how the radiology community can best position itself to meet those challenges.

NOTE: Co-presenting on other health care reform topics during this same time slot are RSNA President Dr, Ronald Arenson, MD and Dr. Bernard F, King Jr, MD.

Tweet This: How to Make Radiology More Patient Centered

Thursday, 8:30 - 10:00 am, S403A

Once Dr. Hawkins and company have lead you through the basics of social media in their Monday or Wednesday session, you can join Dr. Susan D. John, MD and her co-presenters, Dr. Elliot K. Fishman, MD and Whitney Fishman Zember, MBA to learn more about using social media and other internet platforms to take radiology in a more patient-centered direction. On top of the new strategies and ideas, you'll also be equipped with tools and takeaways to, as the presentation's learning objectives put it, "Communicate patient-centered radiology principles to residents and other colleagues" when you return to your facility after the meeting.

Growing Your Business with Social Media: Tips and Tricks for Department and Practice Managers

Friday, 8:30 - 10:00 am, N229

Our final recommended session brings the role of internet and social media platforms in the future of radiology full circle. After Dr. Hawkins has shown you the basics and Dr. John has given you insight on using social media to improve the patient experience, Dr. Alex Towbin, MD and co-presenters Dr. Garry Choy, MD,MBA and Dr. Geraldine B. McGinty, MD, MBA will show you how social media can help improve your business' growth by connecting your team to the people they serve.

If you have any spare time...

Block Imaging Booth at RSNAWith these, and so many other, presentations going on we understand completely if your schedule is 100% packed. If, however, you find yourself with some time to spare, we'd be thrilled if you stopped by the Block Imaging booth (South Hall, A 2507) to meet our team, talk tech, or simply to let us know if our top presentation picks were helpful to you. If you happen to have an upcoming imaging equipment need, we're happy to talk with you about that too. 

Most of all, we hope you enjoy RSNA 2015 and return to your office, practice, or hospital with new ideas and a refreshed perspective on the life-improving and life-saving work being accomplished in the radiology field every day. We'll see you November 29th!