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4 Benefits of Hologic Dimensions Mammo with Affirm Breast Biopsy

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As mammography equipment continues its gradual shift away from 2D systems to 3D, there's another type of equipment that's shifting along with it: breast biopsy systems. In light of this shift, we want to highlight an equipment combo that offers the one-two punch of 3D screening and stereotactic biopsy in a single unit. 

In the short video below, our mammography Product Manager, Jason Block explains four ways that mammography facilities can benefit when they choose to use a Hologic Dimensions 3D Tomo mammo system with an Affirm breast biopsy attachment.

Hologic Dimensions 3D Tomo Unit with Affirm


Hologic Dimensions mammography with the Affirm biopsy device benefits mammography facilities by:

  • Balancing screening, diagnostic, and stereotactic breast studies
  • Easing positioning for patients with physical limitations like neck or back injuries or extreme weight
  • Improving results for architectural distortions and isodense masses 
  • Eliminating the cost of a standalone biopsy unit and the space and service coverage it would require

The Takeaway

The availability of Dimensions mammography units on the secondary market is on the rise. There are more opportunities now for facilities to get the clinical and economic benefits of the Dimensions/Affirm combo at more affordable prices.

If you're looking for your next 3D mammo system or pondering how you can integrate breast biopsy into an already cramped facility, our team would love to discuss the possibility of Dimensions with Affirm. Use the button below or call us to start the conversation.

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