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3 Ways to Select the Right Interim Mobile Provider

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With hundreds of interim mobiles available in the US from dozens of vendors, how do you choose the right one? We're glad you asked- because not every mobile rental vendor will offer you the same quality of experience.

The following are three things to look for in an interim mobile rental provider that will set you up for better communication, better service, and a better overall rental experience.

Use a Provider Who Owns the System

The closer you are to the actual person/company who owns the equipment the better! This helps reduce the risk of renting a system only to realize someone else has rented it first. 

Use a Provider Who Communicates System Status Clearly

Ask where the system is currently, and if it is currently on rental. If it’s on rental, the next question is to confirm whether or not an extension is possible/likely and has a chance to jeopardize the delivery timeline for your project. 

Use a Provider with a Clear Replacement Parts Plan

In the event of an equipment service issue, access to robust parts depots is critical in getting mobile units back up and running. Before you make a rental agreement, ask the prospective provider what their process is for getting replacement parts and service personnel to rental units in the field.

The Takeaway

We hope keeping these three things in mind will help you find an interim rental vendor that will serve you well throughout your rental term. You can use the button below to reach out and find more about renting from Block Mobile Imaging, or if you have other questions about equipment, parts, or service, it would be our team's pleasure to assist you here.

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