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3 Tips to Maximize the Life of Your Mammo Unit

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No piece of imaging equipment can last forever, but there are ways to achieve the next best thing- the longest possible operating life. With proper care, you can use your mammo longer and fetch a better resale price if you decide to upgrade in the future.

In our experience, the three most important things you can do to maximize the life of your mammo come down to environment, maintenance, and use. Here are the details on each:

Extend Your Mammo System Life

Maintain proper temp and humidity.

The environment in which a system is stored and operated can have a significant effect on its overall lifespan. This is especially true of systems with digital detectors. Excess heat and humidity take their toll on heat-generating electrical components over time. Controlling your system's exposure to both helps minimize this. For most mammo equipment, a standard HVAC system set somewhere between 65 and 72 degrees will keep the temperature and humidity in check while still providing a comfortable environment for staff and patients.

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Maintain system service and regular preventative maintenance.

Regular preventative maintenance can keep many equipment issues from coming up in the first place. Potential problems can be foreseen and intermittent issues can be resolved before they put your machine down entirely. Wiring connections, image quality, cleaning and lubrication of mechanical components, and data backups are just a few of the important items that are addressed in a typical imaging PM. Each of these is a factor in how long your mammo unit will perform.

What's Included in Imaging Equipment Preventative Maintenance, Really?

Make sure your mammo techs operate your system per OEM recommendations.

Manufacturer recommendations are, well... recommended, for a reason. They ensure your equipment is being used according to its design for the best performance, the highest level of patient comfort, and the lowest level of wear and tear. This may call for periodic training refreshments for your staff. These may seem redundant, but even an excellent mammo tech can fall into poor procedural habits that stray from recommended usage.

The Takeaway

With these areas of care in mind, you can do more to protect your facility's equpment investments and see an even greater return. If you want to know more about mammography equipment or service, we can help. Contact us for additional information or just keep reading any of our free resources.

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