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3 Reasons Purchasing a Refurbished Toshiba MRI Can Be Challenging

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Our team has the privilege of working with MRI buyers and sellers around the world everyday. To serve such a broad clientele, we keep abreast of the market for equipment from all manufacturers. Just the other day, a hospital administrator asked why it's so difficult to purchase a refurbished Toshiba MRI. We shared three main reasons for this with them, and we'd like to share them with you too.


Reasons Why Toshiba MRI Is Harder to Buy


Toshiba's market share is far narrower than Siemens' and GE's. While Toshiba's MRI footprint has grown over the last several years, given the life cycle of MRI, it does traditionally take a number of years for that equipment to become available to subsequent owners.

Service Providers

Accessibility in this area is very much related to the Toshiba MRI market share and supply of secondary market systems. There are few service providers in the Toshiba MRI space. While one could argue which came first, the realities of few available systems and few qualified service organizations have a significant impact on the Toshiba MRI secondary market.  

Engineering Groups

Once a system is found and purchased, Toshiba MRI poses another challenge in terms of project logistics. While some engineering groups and service providers are one in the same, the rarity of engineering groups who relocate Toshiba MRI complicates moving, rigging, and installation.

The Takeaway

All that being said, Toshiba MRI projects on the secondary market can be and have been done. If you're looking to purchase a Toshiba Titan MRI, our team would be happy to help. And, of course, if Siemens, GE, or Phillips is your brand of preference, there are many systems to choose from and a host of imaging engineering, service, and parts organizations ready to assist.

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