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3 Questions for More Accurate CT Scanner Project Quotes

Posted by Sarah Christopher

May 18, 2016 2:10:36 PM

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Three_Questions_For_a_Better_CT_Quote.jpgFrequently, our conversation with a prospective CT scanner buyer starts something like this: “I want to buy a CT. What’s the price?” or “When can my project start/finish?” or “Can you install, service, and train us on the system?”. These types of questions are all very important pieces of a bigger puzzle. What we find many times, however, is that  to answer each of these questions, we need to dig deeper by asking the buyer a few questions of our own.

The following are three questions your provider will want to address with you before they'll be able to give you a firm quote, an estimated timeline, or help you make arrangements for training and service.

Where are you located? 

When it comes to pricing and logistics, location can change everything, especially if you end up working with an international provider. Serving your location could mean learning and accommodating importation regulations, learning and accommodating radiation safety regulations, and/or the finer points of shipping by freighter.

Specifying your location is not limited to just your country, state, or city. It can also include which type of facility your equipment will be in- i.e. hospital vs. clinic or office park, etc. This kind of specificity will help determine whether or not you will need to make any utility modifications to prepare for your incoming CT system.

The question of location should also lead you and your provider into a conversation about ongoing service. Access to trained service personnel could be a factor in determining which type of CT scanner you purchase. 

What types of studies will you perform most often?

The answer to this question will be crucial to knowing what type of scanner you’ll require. Cost drivers like slice count, software packages, and accessories all revolve around knowing which  procedures and specialties your system will be used for.

What is your timeline goal?

Purchasing a CT scanner is not a quick shopping trip. Think less like picking out fruit at the supermarket and more like house hunting. Location, remodeling, moving, inspections; it’s all time-consuming and requires a lot of planning for everything to move along smoothly and efficiently.

Access the CT Scanner Site Planning Checklist

Having a time goal in mind gets you and your provider on the same page about how much time is available to find the best scanner for your needs, assist you in preparing your facility to receive it, install it, and ensure that it is ready to scan the day you need to serve your first patients. When all parties share the same understanding of project deadlines, time can be allotted properly for each step along the way and frustration and confusion can be avoided.

The Takeaway

Your final cost for a CT scanner project is deeply dependent upon your answers to these three questions. We recommend considering these details to help your first contact with your provider be far more constructive. With this information in hand, your quote will be more accurate, and you may even get it sooner. 

If you'd like to learn more about cost, procedures, and expectations during a CT scanner project, you can refer to any of our other resources below. If you're ready to start a quoting conversation, there's a button for that too.

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Written by Sarah Christopher

author of blog post

Topics: Buying Imaging Equipment, CT Scanner

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