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3 Predictions for the Medical Imaging Parts Industry in 2014

Posted by Jason Crawford

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Jan 17, 2014 3:22:28 PM

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Parts_Industry_Changes_2014Are you ready for change to come to the medical imaging parts industry? As a leader in medical imaging parts, service, and refurbished equipment, we decided it was time to share with you what we see in store for 2014…


Prediction #1: A change-out of the A-list of parts companies

Ask any hospital or service company where they buy imaging parts and they are likely to mention one of the same two or three best-known parts companies. Our first prediction is that you'll see a little more variety in that "A-List" in 2014. Why? Because more parts companies have found their niche of loyal customers, and they are working hard to keep them coming back.


Prediction #2: The rise of end-user parts buying groups

As hospitals continue to consolidate, we will see more parts buying groups who are supporting the needs of their own in-house clinical engineering departments. This is a great thing for smaller parts companies who don't get the first call, but still have the part on the shelf. These suppliers will compete to win the business if they get the chance. Bottom line, a knowledgeable clinical engineering support team will save a hospital money through diligent sourcing efforts. Expect more of it!


Prediction #3: E-commerce, Inventory controls...emerging from the dark ages. 

Yes...that internet thing is still around! As of the writing of this post, there's not a single place you can go online and order an imaging part. Why? Because inventory controls are not easy, and no one has lead the way yet. In 2014 you'll see vendors selling parts online; and the winning suppliers won't be those who get there first, but those who do it best. 


Did we miss anything? What do YOU think will happen in the imaging parts industry? Do you have an imaging parts need right now? Send us a comment or a message! 

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Written by Jason Crawford

author of blog post

Jason Crawford is the President of Block Imaging Parts & Service. Aside from spending time with his wife and three children, Jason’s biggest interests involve anything that brings new insight on investing in people and building high-trust relationships. He believes that excellence in both of these areas can build the best team for delivering on the needs of customers.

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