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3 Advantages to Having a Motor-Driven OEC 9800

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The OEC 9800 MD (motor-driven) isn't a new variation of the popular 9800 product line, but the last year or so has seen an increased number of these units become available for purchase on the used and refurbished equipment market. With this increase in availability, we're getting more questions than ever about what the 9800 MD has to offer.

Here are three advantages your facility can benefit from with the use of an OEC 9800 MD

Three Pros of the OEC 9800 MD

12" AND Super-C

The MD is the only 9800 variant that can combine the benefits of a 12” image intensifier (II) with those of OEC's Super C configuration.  All other 9800 Super Cs feature only 9" IIs. With the MD 12” Super C, you can have both the peripheral vascular advantages of a 12" II and the overscan range of the deeper C arc offered by the Super C.

No Additional Tech

Using a motor-driven C-arm doesn’t require an additional tech to handle positioning during procedures. A physician can do all of their own positioning from the tableside with the 9800 MD joystick control. The control can be hung from the side of the monitor cart or from the rails that run the length of the surgical table.

9800 MD joystick control on the cartC-arm table side


Interface with Tables

There are several surgical table models that interface with the joystick controls of the 9800 MD. This control integration is similar to what you would find on an interventional lab and adds to your ability to control and position both the table surface and your C-arm seamlessly

The Takeaway 

In a nutshell, the choice to invest in an OEC 9800 MD means taking the flexibility of your OR to the next level. If you're in the process of choosing your next C-arm, the advantages we talked about can serve you well - especially if you work in the vascular space. What's even better is that the price gap between manual 9800s and MD 9800s has narrowed, so these advantages are more affordable than ever.

If you're ready to start a conversation about a 9800 MD or any other C-arm model, contact us - we're ready to help.

You can also watch the video clip below to see a 9800 MD in action:

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