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2014 Joint Commission Standards: CT, Nuclear, PET, MRI

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Joint_Commission_Standards_2014Starting this summer, all Joint Commission-accredited organizations that provide services in CT, nuclear medicine, PET, and MRI will be subject to new standards. The first of these standards will go into effect on July 1st and others will roll out gradually throughout the remainder of the year and on into 2015.


These new Joint Commission standards will hold organizations more accountable in areas such as:

  • Recording patient CT radiation dose exposure
  • MRI safety and risk management
  • Maintenance of diagnostic imaging equipment
  • Training and experience in the operation of imaging equipment
  • Registration and certification of all radiology techs (by July 1, 2015)


In pursuit of their stated mission, the commission is revising their standards to continue improving quality and safety in healthcare. For a better idea of what's in store, check out the prepublication version of the new requirements.

These new standards introduce a greater emphasis on maintenance, image quality, and overall equipment performance across all of the modalities addressed. If your facility is currently Joint Commission-accredited or seeking accreditation, we recommend partnering with a service group now to establish a schedule of regular preventative maintenance and calibration checks for your imaging systems. Preventative maintenance will not only help you meet the requirements of the Joint Commission, but also extend the life of your equipment.


If you'd like more information about imaging equipment service, our service team is happy to help. If meeting the new standards might put an equipment upgrade in your future, we can help with that too. Contact us here or check out our free resources to learn more about your options.

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