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 Your Guide to Medical Imaging Equipment

Enjoy these tips, tricks and insights that answer 100's of questions we've received from radiology and imaging professionals that need help buying, selling, servicing and maintaining their medical imaging equipment: MRI, CT, C-Arm, Digital X-ray, PET/CT and Women's Health. We extend the life of imaging equipment so that healthcare providers worldwide can extend the lives of patients. This is why we answer your imaging equipment questions.

~ Block Imaging Team

Siemens Aera Takes 2019 Award for Clinical Capability in Wide-Bore MRI

Posted by Josh Block

Dec 9, 2019 4:45:00 PM


Every so often, we at Block Imaging like to recognize imaging systems that stand out from their contemporaries in a particular area of user experience and patient service. This time, we'd like to recognize Siemens' Aera 1.5T for its top-level clinical capability among wide-bore MRI scanners.

The following are three reasons why we believe any buyer looking for an excellent 1.5T wide bore will be well-served by a Siemens Aera.

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Topics: Buying Imaging Equipment, MRI

C-Arm Training: What Are You Looking For?

Posted by Micah Plimpton

Dec 6, 2019 12:32:24 PM


Recently, a facility whose C-arm project I was managing requested “additional training”. As the conversation continued, it became clear that they weren't certain of what kind of training they really wanted. This was not the first time I've had this conversation, and I doubt it will be the last. 

If you're reading this article, you are probably wondering about the training your team needs right now. Our suggestion: start by asking yourself and your team a few questions about your goals. The following are a few we've found helpful.

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Topics: C-Arm, Imaging Equipment Project Management

Siemens Sensation Detector Module Replacement Guide

Posted by Keith Rumley

Dec 5, 2019 10:15:00 AM


The Siemens Sensation family has two main detector types: those found on the 10 and 16-slice systems, and those found on the 40 and 64-slice systems. Both use a proprietary, ceramic-based material to fluoresce under exposure to X-ray. They are also both comprised of 42 modules that receive the X-ray and convert it to electronic signals.

Periodically, depending on a few factors like your room temperature and humidity and your patient volume, these detector modules will begin to degrade and fail. The following are a few tips for troubleshooting detector modules and installing your replacements.

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Topics: Imaging Equipment Service, Imaging Equipment Parts, CT Scanner

How Much Does a GE Innova Cath Lab Cost?

Posted by Kenn Dextrom

Dec 4, 2019 11:45:00 AM


GE's Innova cath labs are a popular and versatile product line. They come in several varieties and, depending on the needs of your specialty, there's one for everyone.

Almost anyone looking for a cath lab will, at some point, consider a GE Innova. Unfortunately, all of those cath lab shoppers will find few places where they can get some clear average prices. That's what this blog is for.

Read below for average price ranges and monthly lease payment estimates on refurbished GE Innova 2100, 3100, and 4100.

Please note that prices on cath labs vary depending on the individual system's software level, hardware configuration, X-ray tube age, detector age, and the age of the overall system. The ranges below include installation and 1-year warranty. 

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Topics: Buying Imaging Equipment, Cath/Angio, Imaging Equipment Financing

How Many Monitors Come with a Cath Lab?

Posted by Kenn Dextrom

Nov 27, 2019 2:15:00 PM


Setting up a cath lab with all the right options for your specialty, your workflow, and your physicians' preferences comes with a lot of questions. Among those we're asked most often: How many monitors come with a cath lab system?

The answer to that question isn't 100% cut-and-dry, but we can help you know what to expect as you begin shopping. Keep reading to learn more about monitor options for your next cath lab system.

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Topics: Cath/Angio

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