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Why Is My R/F Room Tape Measure off by 12"?

Posted by Stephen Loomis

Mar 26, 2015 1:39:05 PM

LegacyTapeMeasureHeaderIf you're a radiology veteran, this is a question that probably has you rolling your eyes.

Still- it's one we get on a fairly consistent basis so, in the interest of helping out all the noobs in the house, we put together a concise description and a few photos that should clear up where in the world the first foot of your R/F (or rad room) tape measure went.

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Replace Your CR? Or Upgrade to Digital X-Ray?

Posted by John Maher

Mar 19, 2015 3:18:00 PM

CRreplacevs.DRupgradeIf your CR reader has been in service for a number of years, the title of this blog may be the kind of equipment decision you'll be faced with in the very near future. However, just like all those imaging directors years ago that first faced the decision of moving from film processing to CR, you know that this decision isn't so much a question of one product being better than the other (if you're unfamiliar with the benefits of DR, click here), rather, it's a question of timing. Is right now a strategically sound time to take the leap into a digital X-ray system?

Keep reading for details on cost, ROI, and workflow management that might help clarify what you're getting into as you approach this decision.

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X-Ray Machine Cost Price Guide

Posted by Tim Mustapha

Mar 4, 2015 1:40:00 PM

X-raycostpriceIn many cases across the medical field, the X-ray machine is the most basic building block in a stable of imaging equipment. Even so, outfitting your facility with the fundamentals still constitutes a substantial capital cost. This is where the refurbished market shines: essential equipment, for a fraction of the price of new.

The video below will detail current average prices for the most popular X-ray machine models you'll find on the refurbished imaging equipment market.

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CMS Update: Transitioning from Analog X-Ray to Digital X-Ray

Posted by John Maher

Feb 18, 2015 9:46:52 AM

New_X-Ray_Reimbursement_RatesIn a September 9th meeting, the American College of Radiology (ACR) asked the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) to delay the determination of radiology reimbursements for the calendar year 2015 Fee Schedule.  

This request was in response to the method CMS used to estimate capital equipment costs for PACS storage systems. Proposed payments were determined based on the cost of a standard desktop PC as opposed to a true PACS workstation. Clearly, CMS's understanding of the complexity and real costs of PACS is limited, however, the scope of this calculation is far from limited to PACS purchases and management.

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Best Orthopedic Radiology Resources for Orthopedic Practice Managers

Posted by Jordan Batterbee

Feb 11, 2015 1:05:22 PM

Orthopedic_Resources_HeaderWhether you're an orthopedic veteran or just starting out, you already know there are a lot of moving parts to keeping a practice running smoothly. Among those parts, of course, are the imaging systems you'll use to diagnose and treat your patients and all the "nuts and bolts" aspects of owning and operating them. That's precisely why we've compiled the following list of resource links. From choosing your systems, to getting them into your your building, to keeping them in peak operating shape, to estimating incoming revenue- there's something helpful for every stage of the orthopod game below.

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Analog to Digital X-Ray: Easy Upgrade Demo [video]

Posted by Tim Mustapha

Feb 4, 2015 3:26:00 PM

Easy_DR_Panel_UpgradeWe've been discussing upgrades from analog X-ray systems to digital radiography (DR) on our blog for a couple of years. The increases in efficiency, the cost savings vs. traditional film methods, the improvements in image quality- all of these have been covered in one article or another but, what we haven't fully demonstrated yet is how easy it is to start using one of these upgrades on your X-ray system. That ends today.

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GE XRD Collimator: Lifespan and Cost Info

Posted by Chad Seelye

Jan 30, 2015 2:17:00 PM

XRD_Collimator_HeaderFor the GE XRD (or any X-ray room, for that matter), proper collimator function is important not just for optimum image quality, but also for controlling radiation dose for patients and practitioners alike. Collimators generally last a long while, but degradation and eventual failure are still possibilities that any facility using X-ray equipment needs to be prepared to respond to.

Whether your XRD collimator is on the fritz right now or you simply like to stay informed and think ahead, the following information will help you build your cost expectations, know what problems to look for, and help ensure that the installation of a replacement collimator goes smoothly.

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GE AMX IV Plus vs. Source-Ray SR130: Portable X-Ray Comparison

Posted by Tim Mustapha

Nov 25, 2014 4:24:32 PM

AMX_iv_Plus_vs_sr-130When it comes to portable X-ray, the GE AMX series is almost a "household" name at hospitals across the US and in a number of other counrtries, and rightfully so. The AMX has proven itself reliable and functional for quite some time. Why then, are we taking the time to suggest that some of our customers might find a different product to be a better choice for their portable X-ray needs? 

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GE Definium 8000 vs. Proteus w/Digital Detector: The Cost of Ownership

Posted by Tim Mustapha

Oct 21, 2014 3:52:00 PM

Proteus_vs_DefiniumEver since the advent of digital flat-panel detectors for analog X-ray systems, people from all over have been asking us for comparisons of retrofitted systems versus "born" digital systems. We've discussed functionality and up-front cost in other articles, but, because there are more costs involved in owning an X-ray system than just the price tag on it, we thought it was about time to talk about the overall cost of ownership.

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Upgrade Options for GE AMX IV Portable X-Ray

Posted by Tim Mustapha

Oct 17, 2014 11:39:50 AM

AMX_IV_UpgradesThe basic design and functionality of a portable X-ray machine hasn't changed dramatically over the last 20 years. This is precisely why it's so common to find GE AMX machines from 2005, 2000, and even 1995 still being used in hospitals every day.

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