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Digital X-Ray Tech Support: Remote vs. On-Site

Posted by Becka Bowden

Apr 26, 2016 9:42:28 AM

Remote_vs_on_site.jpgIn working with X-ray users to upgrade their analog equipment with digital radiography (DR) panels, we've noticed that, at times, there can be a little confusion on the service/tech support end of things. The primary reason for this seems to be reconciling the on-site X-ray equipment service most of the imaging field is accustomed to with the remote service support that DR upgrade packages offer.

To help bring more clarity, we'll break down the differences, pros, and cons of both on-site and remote service support styles.

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Upgrade to a DR Panel with Section 179

Posted by John Maher

Apr 8, 2016 8:21:51 AM

Section_179_DR_Panel_Upgrades.pngThe Consolidated Appropriations Act of 2016 (Div. O, title V, sec. 502) will significantly impact reimbursement for radiology procedures using film processing. Starting in 2017, if you are still using a film processor, CMS will decrease reimbursement for these CPT codes by 20%. This decrease will impact the overall cost of owning your processor- unless your chemical supplier and service company both decide to lower their prices to throw you a bone (we wouldn't count on it).

2016 is a good time to consider upgrading to direct digital imaging with a DR panel. Of course, depending on your individual budget scenario, a capital investment along those lines may be daunting. Fortunately, we're going to show you how a section 179 tax deduction can help ease your concerns. 

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X-Ray Equipment Service Cost Price Info

Posted by Stephen Loomis

Apr 1, 2016 10:57:37 AM

X-Ray_Service_Price_Cost.jpgIn a lot of ways, the X-ray machine is the cornerstone of the medical imaging field. From hospitals, to clinics, to in-home care, X-ray systems are the most widely used modality of them all. This is precisely why it's so important to have a plan in place to keep your X-ray system up and running.

To help you know what you can expect to pay annually for an X-ray service agreement through an independent service organization (ISO), we've compiled current average rates for a year of our most inclusive Full Service Coverage plan as well as a short list of factors that will play into determining your individual price.

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X-Ray Room Installation: Should My Chest Stand Be Left-Hand or Right-Hand Loaded?

Posted by Becka Bowden

Mar 15, 2016 9:37:56 AM

left_hand_right_hand_chest_stand.jpg As you remodel or build a new space for your new X-ray system, one decision that can easily be lost in the mix is whether to get a left-hand or right-hand loading chest stand. It may seem like a trivial, preference-driven detail, but if this decision is not weighed carefully and your system arrives with a chest stand that loads cassettes on the wrong side, it can derail the entire installation process for several days while the correct stand is obtained.

To help you avoid this problem, we looked back at the hundreds of X-ray installations we've performed over the last 19 years and compiled the most important considerations for choosing whether to get a left-hand or a right-hand loaded chest stand.

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GE Definium 8000 vs. Proteus w/Digital Detector: The Cost of Ownership

Posted by Tim Mustapha

Mar 10, 2016 3:29:12 PM

Proteus_vs_DefiniumEver since the advent of digital flat-panel detectors for analog X-ray systems, people from all over have been asking us for comparisons of retrofitted systems versus "born" digital systems. We've discussed functionality and up-front cost in other articles, but, because there are more costs involved in owning an X-ray system than just the price tag on it, we thought it was about time to talk about the overall cost of ownership.

We'll be using a refurbished GE Definium 8000 and a refurbished GE Proteus with a wireless DR panel retrofit as our examples throughout. Keep reading to see how the figures stack up.

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What New CMS Cuts Mean for X-ray Film Processing

Posted by John Maher

Feb 26, 2016 4:51:26 PM

CMS_Cuts_for_Film.jpgWell, we all knew this time was coming, some of us just weren't sure how quickly. Film-based X-ray has been in decline for years, but now it's looking more like an aging boxer struggling on the ropes in the twelfth round. The 2016 Consolidated Appropriations Act (Div. O, title V, sec. 502), which became law on 12/18/15, landed a significant body blow to film processing for X-ray. With a 20% decrease in reimbursement from CMS for film X-ray in 2017, many providers need to determine in the next six months or so if the transition to a digital detector is feasible for their practice. The other option is to get out of the X-ray business altogether.

In the imaging field, the decision to purchase capital equipment has a lot to do with patient volume. We'll take a deeper look at some examples below to help illustrate what the time to ROI for upgraded equipment looks like at several volume levels.

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Benefits of C-Arms for Swallow Studies

Posted by Tim Richard

Feb 18, 2016 11:46:10 AM

C-arm_Swallow_Studies.jpgTraditionally, studies for dysphagia, aspiration, esophageal modality disorders, and other suspected swallowing disorders have been performed on R/F rooms in a hospital setting. Now, some practitioners are finding advantages to performing these studies using C-arms. The following are just a few of the diagnostic scenarios where a C-arm could be the fluoroscopy tool of choice.

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How to Set the Date and Time on a GE Precision 500D

Posted by James Porchik

Feb 4, 2016 11:31:08 AM

500D_date_and_time.jpgIf you're going to keep accurate patient records, your imaging equipment needs to show the correct date and time on each scan it takes.  Of course, if you've ever tried to reset the clock on your car stereo or program your DVR, you know that, where technology is concerned, seemingly simple tasks can often have more steps than you may anticipate. This is the case for the date and time settings on the Precision 500D R/F room, but we can help.

Below are step-by-step instructions on how to set the date and time on your Precision 500D.



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Product Overview: Siemens Axiom Artis Interventional Lab

Posted by Jeremy Block

Nov 27, 2015 10:00:00 AM

Axiom_Artis_Series_Overview.pngThe Axiom Artis is one of the most prevalent product lines from Siemens in the interventional radiology category. One of the first things you’ll notice as you begin to look for information on the Axiom Artis is just how many varieties it comes in: floor- mounted vs. ceiling-mounted vs. a combination of both, image intensifiers vs. detectors, single-plane vs. bi-plane. On top of that, there are numerous software configurations which will determine the kinds of studies each system is equipped to accommodate.

To denote the configuration of each system, Siemens has developed a "code" consisting of eight letters. With so many feature combinations, however, the code leaves you with a lot of acronyms and, perhaps, less clarity than the folks at Siemens might have hoped. We’ve decoded the acronyms below to assist anyone perusing Siemens interventional suites to better understand which system is the right fit.

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3 Price Points for Digital X-ray Equipment Options

Posted by Tim Mustapha

Nov 20, 2015 2:36:37 PM

Every day our team talks with people that tell us they want to start using digital X-ray but that they need to go digital at or below a certain price point. The good news for all of these people is that there is more than one way to go digital, and each method can accommodate a different price point as well as meet a different set of needs.

Take a look at the digital X-ray options below to begin building an idea of what might be the best fit for your facility's next solution.

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