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GE Innova 4100 vs Philips FD20 Interventional Lab Comparison

Posted by Chris Sharrock

Jul 25, 2014 4:03:00 PM

GE-Innova-4100-vs-Philips-FD20If you're researching popular interventional labs, you'll see almost immediately that two of the hottest contenders on the market are the GE Innova 4100 and the Philips Allura Xper FD20. Of course, your next question becomes something similar to this: "Which of these is better for my facility?" That's an excellent question and one that can only be answered by weighing your facility's situation against the pros and cons of these two labs. That's where a good, old-fashioned comparison article like this comes in!

We'll kick off this comparison by saying that both of these models are high-quality systems that excel in a number of areas. The points below will highlight their separate strengths to lend some clarity to the choice between the two.

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Do I Need a C-Arm or a Cath Lab?

Posted by Chris Sharrock

Jun 30, 2014 12:37:00 PM


As if the initial decision to open a surgical center wasn't big enough, those of you entering this territory are about to find yourselves embarking on a series of subsequent big decisions. One of the biggest will be which imaging equipment you choose.

The systems you're likely to need fall into two major categories: Mobile C-arms and cath/angio or interventional labs. The price points, technical features, service costs, and applications for these products are very different from one another, so it's important to have an understanding of what type of usage each is intended for.

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How Much Does It Cost to Lease a GE Innova Cath Lab?

Posted by Tim Richard

Jun 17, 2014 8:39:46 AM

GE_Innova_Cath_Lab_Lease_PricingAs you look into your cath lab options you're sure to read all kinds of material about features, comparisons, and the logistics of a cath lab project. All of these things will have a hand in determining which system you choose but, ultimately, will depend upon your facility's budget scenario.

This is where a multi-year financing plan comes in. If the system that best fits your site's needs is outside of your annual capital equipment budget, consider financing it across several years. The right plan could eliminate the need to compromise on features that increase your OR capabilities and efficiency.

As a point of reference, take a look at the tables below to see the monthly payments for leasing a GE Innova cath lab from Block Imaging.

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GE Innova 2000 Cath Lab Features [VIDEO]

Posted by Tim Richard

May 30, 2014 12:45:07 PM

GE_Innova_2000_VideoIf you're seeking the best digital cath lab fit for your imaging facility, you'll be well-served by a look into GE's Innova cath lab series.
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How Much Does a GE Innova Cath Lab Cost?

Posted by Tim Richard

May 19, 2014 9:48:00 AM

GE_Innova_Cath_Lab_PriceGE's Innova cath labs are a popular and versatile product line. They come in several varieties and, depending on the needs of your specialty, there's one for everyone.

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What to Expect During Your Cath Lab Project

Posted by David McAndrews

Apr 15, 2014 8:50:00 AM

Cath_Lab_Project_Walk_ThroughFrom selection, to budgeting, to installation, to ongoing maintenance- the links below will take you to articles that will walk you through the major steps of a cath lab project. These articles are based on the experiences the Block Imaging team has had over the last 15 years of selling and installing interventional equipment and, more recently, refurbishing and servicing it. 

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CT Coronary Angiography: Why Do I Need a 64-Slice CT Scanner?

Posted by Becka Bowden

Mar 12, 2014 3:35:47 PM

64_Slice_CT_Coronary_AngiographyUsing a 64-Slice CT scanner for coronary angiography has been a growing trend in hospitals in recent years. These scanners first entered the CT market in 2004 and have enjoyed increasing popularity across the US, especially in teaching hospitals. 

There are, of course, other pieces of equipment that can be used to get the same diagnosis, but 64-slice CT presents advantages over both of them in several areas. Read on to see why, if you intend to study hearts, a 64-slice CT scanner should be a leading contender for your next imaging purchase. 


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Why I Would Never Own a Digital Cath Lab Without a Service Contract

Posted by Chris Sharrock

Dec 19, 2013 10:14:38 AM

Cath Lab Service ContractsI'm sure we've all stood at the checkout line at Best Buy before. Maybe you've just bought a new HDTV- you're excited to go home, mount it on the wall, and fire up Star Wars on Blu-Ray, when the cashier asks the question, "Do you want to pay an additional $99 to extend the 3-year warranty?"

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Topics: Cath/Angio, Imaging Equipment Service, Imaging Equipment Parts

How Much Can I Save with a Refurbished Cath Lab?

Posted by Chris Sharrock

Nov 21, 2013 9:30:00 AM

Refurbished Cath Lab SavingsMost of us expect to pay much less for something that is refurbished than something that is new. That's a perfectly reasonable expectation and one that holds as true for interventional equipment as any product. With that expectation intact, the question becomes, "Exactly how much do I stand to save by buying a refurbished cath lab?"

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Cath Lab Tube Market Overview 2013

Posted by Jason Crawford

Oct 23, 2013 11:21:00 AM

Cath Lab Tubes TrendsWe're just a couple of months out from the end of 2013 and the beginning of a whole new year of imaging equipment decision making. In keeping with, we asked the president of Block Imaging Parts & Service to tell us about current trends in the cath lab tube market and what they might mean for parts purchasing in 2014.

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