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What's Hot for C-Arms at RSNA 2014?

Posted by Jordan Batterbee

Nov 26, 2014 1:27:56 PM

RSNA_2014_C-ArmWith just a few more days before RSNA 2014 kicks off, I sat down with our resident C-arm expert, Chris Sharrock, to find out what to look out for on the show floor for one of our top modalities.

Chris gave me the top three C-arm topics he'll be keeping his eye on next week in Chicago.

Orthoscan Mini C-Arms

"I'll be spending some time at the Orthoscan booth this year. Although Orthoscan is still a relatively young company, they have grown their market share quickly."  Chris attributes much of this growth to Orthoscan "advancing their technology faster than anyone else in the space; particularly in the area of flat-panel, digital mini C-arms."

If you are a podiatrist, orthopod, or extremity specialist, Chris recommends you make the Orthoscan booth one of your stops to see the latest and greatest in mini C-arms, as well as where the future is headed.

C-Arm Market Changes

Chris also expressed excitement at seeing some of the changes in the overall c-arm market. "When I think back to RSNA 2013 and where pricing was for the most-requested items like [OEC] 9800s, Siemens Avantics, and Philips Pulseras, it was encouraging to see these flagship models becoming available at much lower prices. It will be interesting to get a broader feel for how far this has continued over the last year," he said.

With this downward trend in pricing, Chris is looking forward to the secondary C-arm market improving its ability to provide the benefits of top models to a wider base of facilities. 

Flatscreen Monitors for OEC C-Arms

Prior to the release of the 9900, all OEC C-arms came from the factory with CRT monitors. Chris and I talked about recent developments that allow the 9900's predecessor, the OEC 9800, to be upgraded with flat LCD touchscreens. 

Chris told me, "OEC has been offering this for about a year, [but] it's now available from third parties at a much lower price point. The ability to extend a second chance at life to your existing equipment while, at the same time, making some great improvements in image quality is something I think folks will be interested to learn more about."


Will You Be There? 

If you're planning to attend RSNA 2014, we'd love to talk C-arms with you! Stop by the Block Imaging booth, #3129 hall A, to chat with Chris or any of Block's other modality specialists.



Written by Jordan Batterbee and Chris Sharrock

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OEC 9900 Parts and Service Costs

Posted by Kacy Cooper

Oct 31, 2014 4:29:42 PM

OEC_9900_Blog_HeaderCars, houses, heck- your children! It seems that all of life's major investments entail costs long after we acquire them. From your imaging facility's business perspective, the equipment investment in an OEC 9900 C-arm is certainly no exception. While its functionality and image quality make it one of the top fluoroscopy tools available to serve patients, ownership of a C-arm comes with necessary long-term costs that should be a part of your C-arm purchasing considerations.

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C-Arm Lease Prices Could Be the Answer

Posted by Josh Block

Oct 29, 2014 10:30:00 AM

C-Arm_LeaseConsidering a C-Arm lease? Learning more about great C-Arm lease prices and finance solutions could be just what you need to help you in the decision process.

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3D C-Arm Comparison: Siemens Iso-C vs. Orbic 3D

Posted by Chris Sharrock

Oct 1, 2014 5:00:00 PM


If you're looking into 3D C-arms, you're probably already aware of the advantages they provide in terms of time savings, radiation dose reduction, and eliminating the need for patient repositioning.

If so, your next questions probably revolve around figuring out which 3D system is best for you. Read on to learn more details through a comparison of two of the more popular models from one of the top manufacturers.

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The Best II Size for Orthopedics

Posted by Chris Sharrock

Sep 23, 2014 3:15:46 PM

II_Size_for_OrthopedicsThere are a lot of options out there when it comes to selecting the best C-arm for your practice's needs. Doing the legwork and considering all the specifications can be a little daunting and, most certainly, a little time-consuming. 

This is exactly why we're writing this blog to give a straight answer to one of the questions we hear the most: Which C-arm image intensifier (II) size is the best for orthopedics?

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C-Arm Service Cost Comparison: OEC vs. Philips

Posted by Chris Sharrock

Sep 15, 2014 10:35:06 AM

C-Arm_Service_CostBuilding a realistic budget for any C-arm includes setting aside some funds for its ongoing maintenance. Whether you choose to purchase a full service coverage package or to place service calls on a time and materials basis, system upkeep is a part of your costs that shouldn't be overlooked.

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Siemens Arcadis C-Arm Price Cost Guide

Posted by Chris Sharrock

Sep 11, 2014 2:39:00 PM

Siemens_Arcadis_C-Arm_PricingThe Siemens Arcadis C-arm series is comprised of models known for powerful generators, hardily engineered parts, and isocentric 3D imaging. If any of these are compelling features for the specialties you intend to pursue with your C-arm purchase, a Siemens Arcadis C-arm could be an excellent fit for you. What's more- Arcadis series C-arms are more available on the secondary market than they've ever been. This is great news for facilities anticipating a high volume of vascular and/or bariatric studies.

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OEC 9600 C-Arm Basic Demo [VIDEO]

Posted by Kacy Cooper

Sep 8, 2014 12:50:52 PM

9600_demonstration_videoThe OEC 9600 is a tried and true C-arm system that's a great fit for facilities with tighter budget constraints. It can be used for many of the same applications as the ever-popular OEC 9800 but, being one generation older, has come down in price on the secondary market.

For more details on the differences between the 9600 and it's successor, you can read our 9800 vs. 9600 comparison article. Before you do that though, watch the video below to see the OEC 9600 in action. Our engineer will demonstrate the image quality, braking/steering, and full range of motion- all on an OEC 9600 that has just gone through our refurbishment process. Enjoy!

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Mini C-Arm Price Cost Guide

Posted by Kacy Cooper

Aug 22, 2014 4:43:00 PM

Mini_C_Arm_Price_GuideThis one is for all the extremity specialists out there.

A mini C-arm is obviously a great way to get an image of a hand or foot without taking up all the space of a full-size C, and a refurbished mini C-arm is definitely a great way to save substantially over the cost of a new one, but where exactly does a mini C-arm fall on the cost spectrum? That's exactly the question we'll be tackling today.

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How to Change Monitors on an OEC 9800 C-Arm

Posted by Jordan Batterbee

Aug 20, 2014 12:00:55 PM

Change_OEC_9800_CRTEventually, the monitors on your OEC 9800 will go dim, get image burn-in, or burn out altogether. We apologize if this leaves you feeling down, but it's an unfortunate reality for any system using CRT monitors. 

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