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Awesome C-Arm Price Infographic | Compare C-Arm Machine Prices

Posted by David McAndrews

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Mar 7, 2013 5:30:00 PM

Check out this awesome infographic comparing C-Arm prices between OEC, Siemens, Ziehm and Philips C-Arm machines!

[Editor's Note: This article has been updated from the original version, published Oct 2011, to reflect recent changes in the C-Arm pricing tiers. Click here for pricing details on even more C-arm models.

As the leader in refurbished C-Arms, we want to proactively answer your most pressing C-Arm questions and help you identify the best solution for your needs.

c arm price comparison

Identifying the Perfect C-Arm for Your Specific Needs

To help towards that end, I always ask a series of questions:

    • Do you know what type of C-Arm you want?
    • Will you be doing Vascular, Cardiac or Neuro studies?
    • Do you need Digital Subtraction?
    • What is your budget?

Your answers to these questions help identify the best options for your specific C-Arm requirements.

The truth is, there is a C-Arm available at nearly every price range as you can see from the infographic on the left.

Why the Large Price Variation? 

The key factors determining what you get for your money are the age, capabilities, level of refurbishment and warranty with each system.  As the price increases, you will notice the age of the C-Arm is newer and/or it has more capability. 

As you are determining which C-Arm to purchase, ask yourself the questions above to find the best C-Arm for your budget.  If you have additional questions or want more information about C-Arms, please check out our C-Arm resource page or give us a call! We look forward to helping with your next C-Arm project.



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