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OEC Image Intensifier Power Supplies: Lifespan and Cost Info

Posted by Garth Immelman

Oct 8, 2015 5:17:07 PM

When OEC C-arm users think of the "core parts" of their system the image intensifier (II) usually comes to mind. While it is true that the II is absolutely essential to any analog C-arm, this crucial piece couldn't get its job done without the little metal box we'll be talking about today: the image intensifier power supply.

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3 Questions to Find Your Best PACS Solution

Posted by John Maher

Oct 7, 2015 3:12:16 PM

Every imaging facility needs a secure, reliable, and spacious place to store their images, right? This is why facilities purchase PACS systems. But, choosing a PACS system isn't as simple as acknowledging the need and placing an order. There are many PACS options that, depending on your volume, your staff, your comfort with data technology, and any number of other factors relative to your unique usage, may or may not work the best for you.

To help point you in the right direction, we've put together 3 big questions that should be at the core of any PACS purchasing decision

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Topics: X-ray

GE Discovery IGS 730 vs. GE Innova IGS 530

Posted by Jeremy Block

Oct 2, 2015 5:10:01 PM

GE Healthcare has a long track record of pushing forward new advancements in interventional radiology. They also have a long track record of naming products with strings of numbers and initials that aren't as informative as one might hope. Their recent IGS labs are no exception, and the question has been put to us: "What is the difference between the GE Discovery IGS 730 and the GE Innova IGS 530?" To answer that, we took a deeper look at the specs of each system. Here's what we found:

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Topics: Cath/Angio

IR vs. AEC: CT Dose Reduction Tools Compared

Posted by David Harns

Oct 1, 2015 4:42:35 PM

Radiation dose in CT scanning has always been something users have sought to minimize. In recent years, however, the call to develop tools that make dose reduction intrinsic to the way we scan, instead of a guideline that we strive to follow, has become much louder.

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Topics: CT Scanner

Toshiba CXB-750D/4A Tubes: Cost, Lifespan, Reloading

Posted by Vikki Dipple

Sep 30, 2015 2:01:19 PM

The heart of your CT scanner is its X-ray tube- a part that, by necessity, requires replacement periodically. That's why there's no time like the present to learn more about your CT X-ray tube and what you can expect from it in terms of lifespan, replacement cost, and the possibility of giving it a second chance through repair and reloading.

In the case of the Toshiba Aquilion series, especially those that see use for cardiac applications, there's a good chance the tube in question is a CXB-750D/4A. We've talked with our CT Engineering and Parts Teams and compiled the details so that you can be better prepared for your next tube investment.

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MRI Cold Heads 101

Posted by Kristin Smigiel

Sep 26, 2015 10:00:00 AM

Cold_Head_101.jpgIf you're new to the world of MRI, there's definitely a learning curve that can take a good chunk of time to master. Safety, maintenance, cryogens, parts- each of these areas has its own set of particulars and minding each of those particulars will help you run your system and serve your patients more efficiently.

To help you do that, we've put together a briefing on one of the MRI parts you'll need to keep an eye on as you go about the business of being an MRI provider: your MRI cold head. Keep reading to learn what it does, how long it lasts, how much it costs, and some service tips to keep it in good condition.

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GE Logiq Ultrasound Cost Price Guide

Posted by Jason Block

Sep 25, 2015 1:13:01 PM

GE_Logiq_Price_Cost.jpgGiven their flexibility across specialties, general imaging ultrasound systems are some of the most commonly used imaging equipment in the market today. You can find hospitals and clinics using general ultrasound for any (or all) of the following:

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Topics: Ultrasound

OEC 9800 vs. OEC Brivo: C-Arm Comparison

Posted by Chris Sharrock

Sep 18, 2015 9:30:00 AM

OEC_Brivo_vs_OEC_9800Looking at them side-by-side, you could almost draw the conclusion that the OEC Brivo was developed to be a "little brother" system to the OEC 9800- and, in some ways, you'd be right. But what does that mean, exactly? Just how different is the Brivo from its bigger, older sibling, and which applications do these differences make it suited for?

We've compared the 9800 and the Brivo across the most pertinent differentiators so that those of you on the market for your next C-arm can make an informed decision about the best C-arm fit for your facility's needs.

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Topics: C-Arm

How to Prepare Your Site for a Mobile CT Rental

Posted by Becka Bowden

Sep 17, 2015 1:15:55 PM

As you worked with your provider to arrange your mobile CT rental, site readiness may not have been the first thing on your mind. Now, however, your rental start date is just around the corner and you may be asking yourself, "Are we ready?"

Advance site preparation for an upcoming rental will help streamline the setup and get your incoming CT scanning on time to accommodate your patient schedule.  On the other hand, inadequate preparation can cause serious delays and lead to rescheduling patients. To help prevent that, we suggest taking a look at the following steps so that you can build a better understanding of the preparations necessary when you rent a mobile CT. 

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OEC C-Arm Parts: Your First Call

Posted by Andy Jarvis

Sep 15, 2015 8:58:24 AM

As you serve patients with your OEC C-arm day after day, the occasional breakdown is inevitable. In these situations, one of the best things you can do to minimize your downtime is have a reliable parts supplier that you can reach out to as your first call. Of course, the biggest thing a first-call parts supplier needs to earn your call is consistent stock of the parts you're likely to need for your C-arm.

Below you'll find a list of OEC C-arm parts that Block Imaging has in inventory regularly (some almost constantly). Each of these parts is a solution to a major problem that can put your C-arm down and halt your ability to perform scans. To make the list a little more convenient, we've included each part's number, current average list price, and a sign or two that you may need to replace the more common ones in the near future.

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